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Best Dress Shoe For Flat Feet


Flat feet, also known as fallen arches is a postural deformity in which the entire sole comes into complete or near-complete contact with the floor when standing. It usually occurs during childhood if the arches of the feet don’t grow, after an injury or other aging problems.

For the flat feet, treatment can help, which includes arch support for the shoes or a structurally supportive shoe. However, this condition can’t be cured fully as it lasts for years but don’t you worry our list of Best Dress Shoes For Flat Feet will surely help you to get the perfect partner for your flat feet and tends to enjoy life stylishly.

* What to look for when buying Best Dress Shoe For Flat Feet

When you are flat-footed, you will come to know that you are more likely to get heel or foot pain and discomfort after a long working day. When you are looking for the best dress shoe for flat feet to buy in 2019, you need to take into consideration the following six things.

• Stability for excellent arch support.
• Comfort and style at its best.
• Highly breathable material to keep your feet dry and cool.
• Decent shock-absorbing capabilities.
• Very well cushioned.
• Motion control with a stabilizing heel.

* How to choose the best dress shoes for flat feet in 2019

We all have several different types of shoes in our closets for different occasions from sports shoes for play to fancy dress shoes for significant events. However finding the best dress shoes for those formal occasions or just when you want to look stylish, can be become mission impossible with flat feet.

You need a shoe that provides all the six things mentioned above for every step and also doesn’t look like you have borrowed them for your grandparents.

But as we have said earlier don’t you worry scroll down and choose the perfect partner for your flat feet from our list of Best Dress Shoe For Flat Feet In 2020.

1. ECCO Men’s Helsinki Oxford


* Things we like:

• Direct Injection Process for the ‘instant fit’.
• Textile sock lining for high breathability.
• Classic, stylish, and timeless as ever for any gatherings.
• Easily removable and replaceable insoles with odor control.
• Very durable and excellent arch support.

ECCO Men’s Helsinki Oxford are the best dress shoes for flat feet men. Since its inception in the market in the mid-1960s, the ECCO has developed as a leader in comfortable and stylish footwear, and ECCO Men’s Helsinki Oxford is a classic example of being timeless as ever.

The upper of the shoe is made up of full-grain leather with a padded tongue and collar to give you a stylish dressy look with a comfortable feel.

The outsole of the shoe has a unique vegetable sturdy leather to provide moisture-absorbent sock lining to keep feet dry throughout the day.

Moreover, the best part of this stylish dressy shoe is the injection molded polyurethane soles, which makes it 2-3 times longer than traditional shoes with excellent arch support for your flat feet.

* Bottom Line:

Renowned for their style and comfort these ECCO Helsinki Oxford are the best dress shoes for flat feet a man can own. Whether you are up for work, socializing, or want to impress others with your sense of style, this shoe will take care of you in every situation.

2. Alegria Women’s Paloma Flat

* Things we like:

• More than 60 color and pattern options.
• Bohemian and classy look.
• Elegant detailing with no break-in period.
• High-quality materials used.
• Extremely comfortable for all-day wear.

If your style is like to express a bit more personality, a little boho, and quirky in your look, these Alegria Women’s Paloma Flat are the best dress shoes for flat feet women’s. Its stylish twist on the classic mary jane is perfect for those in casual work, work attire, or any other occupational fields. The upper of the shoe is made from patent leather or full-grain leather with a stylish button accent that provides just the right amount of style and comfort.

Although the shoe is marketed as flat, it features a 1.5-inch heel for the perfect elevation. The rubber sole of the boots offers excellent shock absorption while walking with ample arch support. The bottoms are structured as flat to give more stability to your flat feet and to correct your gait. Moreover, the shoe has latex and cork footbed forms which are removable to offer you a customized fit without affecting the shoe’s pretty look.

* Bottom Line:

Coming in more than 60 colorways to choose from these Alegria Women’s Paloma Flat is a great go-to choice for any outfit or event. From customizable fit, better arch support to shock-absorbing technique the shoe has all that will make you fall in love with it.

3. Dunham Men’s Burlington Waterproof Oxford

Dunham Men’s Burlington Waterproof Oxford


* Things we like:

• Classical, casual and timeless style profile.
• Attractive leather upper provides excellent breathability.
• Moulded EVA sole for added comfort and support.
• Super plush cushioned lining for extreme comfort.

Dunham is one of the oldest in the market producing great expertise, and high-quality shoe since 1885, and Dunham Men’s Burlington Waterproof Oxford is no exception. Designed with proven cushioning and stability technology, this classically styled durable footwear is one of the best men’s dress shoes for flat feet. The synthetic sole and upper made up of full grain leather provide waterproofing treatment.

For flat-footed men’s the footbed has a nylon stability shank which offers luxury cushioning and excellent comfort support to the arch. One can wear these shoes for 12 hours non-stop with no pain. It also provides foam pods in the heel and forefoot to get ideal cushioning and superior shock absorption facility.

* Bottom Line:

Dunham Men’s Burlington Waterproof Oxford is a great dress shoe for those looking for a versatile style that makes it smart enough to wear a suit for the office or more formal occasions for flat-footed men. With providing comfort for more extended periods, it has excellent cushioning and stability too.

4. Clarks Women’s Brier Dolly Dress Pump


* Things we like:

• Timeless but trendy formal look.
• Moulded heel for excellent stability.
• Ortholite footbed for excellent arch support.
• Provides extreme comfort even when wearing for all day long.
• Versatile as ever for any occasion

Designed and manufactured from high-quality materials with an ortholite footbed for the heel-toe cushioning, these Clarks Women’s Brier Dolly Dress Pump is one of the best dress shoes for flat feet women’s. Classic yet trendy this Clark’s collection offers exceptional style with everything from office wear, casual wear to evening wear.

For the flat feet, the shoe offers excellent arch support, and its dolly dress pump has a 3.25″ molded heel platform that gives more than adequate stability and shock absorption. Moreover, the shoe comes in 6 fabulous colorways to get the perfect shoe for your flat feet.

* Bottom Line:

Gone are the days when the woman with flat feet thinks that wearing heels is not an option for them as Clarks Women’s Brier Dolly Dress Pump will give you the choice and quality you desires and demand. Grab this classy but trendy shoe for your flat feet and see how it earns its position in your wardrobe.

5. CLARKS Men’s Escalade Step

* Things we like:

• Slip-resistant, excellent traction, and sturdy.
• Pocket-friendly price for high-quality dress shoes.
• Extremely comfortable.
• Versatile styling and excellent cushioning.
• No break-in period at all.

Clarks has been in the market for more than ten decades providing the experience of ultimate comfort, durability, and style for their customers, and this Escalade step is another true classic from Clarks. Made up of full-grain leather and soft uppers, this shoe is one of the best dress shoes for flat feet for standing all day.

The shoe insoles are very supportive, which allows the wearer to wear them all day long without feeling uncomfortable. It’s full length cushioning and purposeful padding all around the shoe complete underfoot comfort by softly surrounding the foot. Lightweight ortholite footbeds make it highly breathable and comfortable for all-day wear.

* Bottom Line:

If comfort is all you have in mind, then these loafer slip-on are the best dress shoe for flat feet. From soft uppers, purposeful padding, full length cushioning to versatile styling, these CLARKS Men’s Escalade Step are one of the highly-rated shoes on our list.

6. Rockport Cobb Hill Women’s Adele

* Things we like:

• Fabulous styling with European taste.
• Padded heel collar for extreme comfort.
• Burnishing leather upper.
• Unique rivet accent for any occasion.
• Excellent arch support and shock absorption technique

Rockport has been delivering for a long the shoes that are great for walking. The Cobb Hill Adele has a style somewhat similar to European culture, and its low bootie designed provides a tailored look and secure fit. The 1.5-inch heel, which is entirely managed with outsole makes it smart to wear with slacks, skirts, dresses, or jeans.

For the flat feet, these best dress shoes for fallen arches have a reinforced TPU inner and padded heel collar for better arch support. An EVA top layer of the footbed and the burnished leather upper with handcrafted stitching makes it a very distinctive, fashionable shoe suitable for all kinds for most evening wear. Dual Goretex panels at either side of the tongue ensure that these slip-on makes on and off a breeze with ease.

* Bottom Line:

If you are looking for a slip-on that is highly breathable, comfortable, and has a taste of European styling with better arch support, then look no forward when comparing it with Rockport Cobb Hill Women’s Adele.

7. ECCO Men’s Helsinki Slip-On

* Things we like:
• Great looking men’s loafer.
• Versatile enough for any occasion.
• Full-grain leather is upper for extreme comfort.
• Excellent arch support and cushioning for flat-footed men’s.
• Affordable pricing.

These Helsinki Slip-On crafted by ECCO are one of the best dress shoes for flat feet men’s. Offering a wide variety of features these men’s dress shoes for flat feet are both excellent in style and comfort. The upper of the shoes are crafted with sturdy leather to provide the customer style and flexibility at the same time. Its removable leather insole makes it easy to get any customized fit prescribed by a doctor.

The footbed entirely covered in leather and the great padding all over the shoe delivers excellent versatility to the wearer. It’s the textile inner lining for absorbing moisture, and a contoured heel cushion makes it everyday wear comfortable. Moreover, the bicycle toe stitching over the shoe and excellent arch support provide a luxurious style and support to men who suffer from flat feet.

* Bottom Line:

Coming in three different fabulous colorways for more than formal occasions and featuring extreme durability, comfortability, and breathability all at the same time, these ECCO Men’s Helsinki Slip-On are an excellent option to consider for your flat feet.

8. Dansko Women’s Fawna Mary Jane Flat

* Things we like:
• Stylish yet supportive leather upper.
• Removable footbed for a customized fit.
• Abrasion-resistant sole.
• Great arch support.
• Very comfortable even for more extended wear.

If you want a journey full of everyday comfort and versatile style, then look no further than the Dansko Women’s Fawna Mary Jane Flat, one of the best women’s dress shoes for flat feet. Since its beginning in 1990, the Dansko has established exceptional standards all over the world in terms of style and comfort, and these Fawna Mary Jane are similar to the standards set. Featuring an integrated tuck board coupled with the steel shank, the shoe offers excellent stability and a pain-free day when suffering from flat feet.

For supporting the midsole of the foot, the shoe has featured a molded EVA footbed with excellent padding. These footbeds are removable, which allows the wearer to get a customized fit for your fallen arches. What sets Fawna apart from others Dansko Mary Jane is it’s more than dressy edge and hook and eye closure which ensures a great fit for flat-footed women. Moreover, the leather upper with a soft textile lining gives extreme durability and breathability to keep your feet abrasion resistant, cool, and dry.

* Bottom Line:

Fashionable, supportive, and stylish this Dansko Women’s Fawna Mary Jane is an excellent option for flat-footed women. Offering energy return, comfort, and exceptional stability this mary jane will keep your foot energized all day long by making it easy to wear addition for your flat feet.

9. KEEN Utility Men’s PTC Oxford Work Shoe

* Things we like:

• Patented shoe protection for safety.
• Oil and slip-resistant outsoles.
• Cushioned footbed for extreme comfort.
• Styled for both men’s and women’s.
• Roomy toe box.

In our list, The KEEN Utility Men’s PTC Oxford Work Shoe is also one of the best men’s dress shoes for flat feet. Featuring water-resistant upper and leather lining these shoes give you comfort and the perfect fit for day-long wearing. The outsole is certified as anti-skid, which keeps you stable on your flat feet on wet surfaces. The footbed of these shoes is made from stain-resistant leather to keep your shoe clean as ever.

For the flat feet, it comes with a recycled PU blend, memory foam, and blends of cork to give you the comfort and support you need throughout the day. Besides, the toe box is also very roomy so that users can get the desired space for flat feet and its keen patented shoe protection wraps the front of the outer sole to give you ultimate protection.

* Bottom Line:

A great fit for all-day comfort on the job, the KEEN Utility Men’s PTC Oxford Work dress shoe for flat feet provides you with the required safety by supporting your fallen arches or flat feet in all-day comfort.

10. Dansko Women’s Patti Flat

* Things we like:

• Versatile and Fashionable for working women.
• Excellent durability with slip-resistant soles.
• Odour preventing technology for keeping feet fresh.
• Removable and replaceable insoles.
• Moisture-wicking technology for high breathability
• Requires no break-in period.

As Dansko manufactures some of the best dress shoes for women who suffer from flat feet, there should be no surprise that this brand comes again in our list of Best Dress shoe for Flat Feet. This shoe is not only light in weight and flexible but also comes with a slip-resistant sole for providing you comfort on dry surfaces. Featuring both moisture managing and odor control treatments, this helps to keep feet dry and fresh all day long.

Triple density footbed gives you excellent arch support as they absorb shock quite quickly and moreover these footbeds are removable so you can get any custom orthotics. The outsole of the shoe is made with Vibram rubber has a built-in shank which provides the support you need while maintaining flexibility for comfort.

* Bottom Line:

If you are facing discomfort due to your flat feet, then grab these stylish looking dress shoe for flat feet as it provides stability, support, and comfort all at the same time. Also, these shoes go with any dressing style you wear.


11. Merrell Men’s Encore Gust Slip-On Shoe

* Things we like:

• Air-cushioned heel for absorbing shock.
• Removable footbed for a customized fit.
• Extremely durable and stylish.
• Sticky rubber outsole for flexibility.
• Cent percent full-grain leather.

When it comes to reliability, Merrell has always been provided satisfactory results to its customer. Famous for the work shoes, Merrell has produced Encore Gust Slip-On the best dress slip-on for flat-footed men. The shoe features a polyester mesh lining with Aegis antimicrobial treatment to keep your feet dry and comfortable all day long.

The insoles are made up of air-cushioned to absorb step shock by providing superb stability to the feet. The design has a full-grain leather upper for exceptional durability while ortholite footbed and padded collar, which makes them extremely comfortable for wearing. Its sole has a rubber grip which is perfect for your flat feet for both indoor and outdoor use.

* Bottom Line:

This Merrell Men’s Encore Gust Slip-On Shoe is one of the best dress shoes for flat feet on the market. From great support, non-slip sole, full grain durable leather upper to air-cushioned heel these stylish slip-on provide all the imperative need for your flat feet.

12. Dansko Women’s Professional Tooled Clog

* Things we like:

• Excellent arch support.
• Elegant design.
• Leather upper.
• Shock absorbing midsole.
• Highly Breathable.

When we talk about the best dress shoes for flat feet women, we cannot forget the Dansko Women’s Professional Tooled Clog. Featuring a classy leather upper and elegant design, this Dansko women’s goes with any formal occasions. For the flat feet, it has all from the contoured, shock-absorbing midsole and roomy toe box for exceptional comfort.

The upper is made up of natural fiber leather, which allows the wearer high breathability by providing freshness to the feet. Its rocker bottom outsole helps you to reduce the fatigues which in return allows the wearer to continue your walking naturally despite having flat feet.

* Bottom Line:

One of the best women’s dress shoes for flat feet, the Dansko Women’s Professional Tooled Clog is designed to offer an elegant look and superb arch support.

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