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Jazzercise is a perfect blend of dance, strength training, and yoga. If you are a fan of the trending dance fitness activities and wonder what these trainers do, then jazzercise would work for you. It offers a full-body workout that has evolved with time. It continues to attract the attention of people who are looking for fitness.

A few years back, Zumba was the trend, but now, this blend of jazz and exercise, Jazzercise, has taken a higher hand. It is beneficial for health and fitness. In Jazzercise, there are many formats available like Dance Mix, Strike, Strength60, and many more.

Along with the class format, you should pay attention to the type of shoes you wear during training. Buy yourself a pair of shoes that are best suited for your feet. Since Jazzercise involves frequent movement of the foot, you need flexible pair of shoes. It is because you should not hurt your foot during fitness training.

There are plenty of options for shoes, and so you might get confused. So here in this post, we will assist you in the selection of perfect shoes for you. It is because this decision will create an enormous impact on your feet and your comfort level. Pick yourself the correct footwear if you do not want to mess with your comfort.

Before moving on with shoe selection, let us first know more about the Jazzercise, franchise, health benefits, etc. Since Jazzercise is about having fun and staying fit, you should train yourself well with comfortable shoes.

About Jazzercise

As per the information above, it is clear that it is a blend of dance with exercise that provides a full-body workout. Adding to that, it is a pulse-pounding fitness program that gets faster impact and results on the body.

Jazzercise, Inc is one of the leading dance fitness companies in the world. Here instructors train many people every year to master this method as it is a fusion of resistance, strength, cardio, dance, and fitness training. With changing music beats and moves, results become better and better with successive attempts.

Jazzercise Franchise

Every instructor who is certified can get a franchise based on two instructor franchises. The instructor franchise details are summarized as follows.

The first one is Associate Instructor Franchise. In case you are an instructor, and you want to teach and run different sides of business things. In this case, you can prefer to shake it on the stage and teach in a class owner franchise. The second one is Class Owner Franchise. If you are looking for being the boss in making decisions then you can choose this franchise.

Benefits of Jazzercise

There are many health benefits of Jazzercise. As it is a combination of yoga, cardio, and strength training, therefore, it is beneficial for health. Here are the health benefits of doing a Jazzercise regular.

Reduces heart disease risk

Jazzercise is believed to benefit in reducing heart disease risk. Exercise is the best remedy for heart patients. As per the current data, Jazzercise classes are taken from three to four times a week for 60 minutes then it is capable of reducing heart disease risk by as much as 50 percent. The reason behind this is the heat gets stronger and becomes capable of pumping more blood with fewer efforts.

Feel more energetic

This is certainly funny to know that expending energy on exercise would ultimately lead you to feel more energetic in general. You can be so occupied with the work that you do not get time for exercise. But you might struggle with tiredness and jazzercise will give you relief from it.

Then it would become easy for you to manage some time for your relaxation. If you cannot do it regularly, then try to manage time once or twice a week. This will help you realize the impact of jazzercise on your daily routine.

Right for any fitness level

The best thing about Jazzercise is that it is suitable for all fitness levels. If you do not feel right while going to a regular gym as you see many muscular people around you, then try jazzercise. When you will walk into the door for Jazzercise, you will definitely find people of all shapes and fitness levels.

As per the routine, people find it hard to carry this habit regularly. You will find the atmosphere very comfortable and not at all judgmental. Do not hesitate while admitting yourself to Jazzercise class and it will not disappoint you.

Work on every major muscle group

There are people who need a full-body workout rather than just 30mminutes of abs work. As they can feel that every part of the body needs some tightening and toning. In that case, jazzercise works if one gets bored of practicing the same type of specific muscle workout.

Jazzercise helps in a full-body workout because it is more like dance and it let you work on every muscle group of your body. Other than that it is a fun exercise to do. After the end of every class, there is also a strength training portion where you can work for your abs, glutes, upper body, and inner thighs. This is for those people who love some extra improvement in specific areas.

Helps in improving bone strength

This can make you feel surprised but when you work for your muscle strength then definitely the bone strength will increase. All those people who ignore exercising are setting up themselves for osteoporosis in later life. Research gives information that people who exercise for their muscles are indirectly working on the bones attached with the muscles.

While we are young, we do not worry much about our bones but this will impact your older age. If you will strengthen your bone then definitely in your old days, your bone will have strength. Since Jazzercise provides work out for all the muscle groups, your bones will get stronger with it.

Reduces Stress

Not only Jazzercise relaxes your body but also your mind. Everyone has stress in his life. Therefore, Jazzercise can prove as the best way to release all your stress, tension, etc. It is mainly helpful for omen or mothers who are so occupied with their daily chores that they do not get time to relax and release their stress.

Stress leads to many problems like heart disease, unhealthy weight loss, high cholesterol, and depression. If not this then it can definitely lead to skin problems. Jazzercise is more like a dancing exercise, therefore, it will make people enjoy themselves.

Helps in Weight Loss

Many people who are overweight and fantasize about losing weight. They try different diets and fitness programs but nothing could help to that extent. The truth is you will never get the body you want without exercise. All those who are ready to lose weight would require to combine their diet along with regular exercise. Jazzercise would tone your bad and muscles which would ultimately make you lose weight and become fit.

Understand your foot

When you want to select perfect shoes for jazzercise then first of all you need to understand your foot type. Your feet can be flat, arched, or neutral arched foot.


You actually have a flat foot when your arch absorbs shock and pressure whenever you are moving. In this case, you will require shoes that can provide support to avoid knee and ankle injuries. The foot always rolls inwards during impact.

Under pronation

If you have a foot that has a high arc then it does not roll inwards during impact.

Best Jazzercise Shoes for Women

Let us look at the top jazzercise shoes for your foot.

1. Ryka Influence Women’s Training Cross Shoe

This product from .Ryka stays a level up with all the other products. Flex foil and direct fuse layers are to provide support. The price of the footwear is around $80. The shoe is available in all sizes and in different colors like black-pink, black-green, grey, white, etc.


1. The material of the product is 100 percent fabric.
2. It has an imported rubber sole.
3. It has an upper mesh that is responsible for comfort and breathability.
4. There is the textile lining and cushioning precise return insole that helps to keep the foot nice and comfortable.
5. The midsole has features to provide cushioning in the heel and forefront.
6. The traction outsole of the shoe has a footprint design and it provides good grip on surfaces.
7. It has an anatomical insole to enhance arch and heel support.
Reviews: It is a solid shoe for strength and endurance training. Customers are having a comfortable experience with this footwear.

2. Bloch Women’s Canvas Boost Sneaker Shoes

Bloch has entered an exciting period of innovations and new features. This is the reason this footwear from Bloch is highly innovative. The price of this footwear is $60. It comes in only one color i.e. black but it has all sizes available.


* The material of the footwear is 100 percent canvas.
* The uppers are of textile and fabric which are lightweight and breathable.
* The outsole of the shoe is non-marking, lightweight, and features excellent arch support, as well as it has a spin spot for 360 degree turns.
* It has a compression-molded EVA sock liner that definitely offers breathability and mildew resistance.
* It has a heel grip which works the best for shock absorption.
* Women should take up one size more than the regular size to get the perfect fit.
Reviews: It has the arch support that works for dance fitness programs like Zumba and jazzercise.

3.Nike Free TR 8 Women’s Shoes

This footwear from Nike has been designed to feature Air technology. It is a fun and functional dance sneaker that is ideal to do jazzercise and take part in Zumba. The price of the footwear is $65. This footwear comes in different colors like turquoise, white, metallic silver, and in all different sizes.
* The material of the footwear is 100 percent mesh and suede.
* It has a synthetic sole.
* This shoe has an available lacing system that provides support and optimum arch fit.
* The lightweight midsole is responsible for providing maximum cushioning.
* The high-density outsole of this product is responsible for increased flexibility.
* The pivot point here allows 360-degree movement.
* The cushioned heel is for maximum shock absorption.
Reviews: This footwear will boost the practice skills. It is one of the highly recommended products from Nike shoes.

4.Ryka Women’s Vida RZX

Again fabulous footwear from Ryka stands as an excellent choice in both a dance and training shoe. Ryka offers some of the best dance training shoes that you would require for jazzercise. The price of this product is approximately $75. The shoe is available in different colors like pink-black, white-pink, grey-pink, etc.


* The material of this footwear is 54 percent textile and 46 percent polyurethane.
* It has an imported rubber sole.
* The shoe has an anatomical precise return footbed.
* It consists of a high impact cushion in the heel and also ultra flex forefoot which makes it the best for cushioning and flexibility.
* The forefoot has room for relaxed toes and flexible movement.
* The pivot point makes the twists and turns smooth and easy.
Reviews: It is a man-made product that is suitable for high impact jazzercise. It provides enough support, comfort, and shock absorption.

5. Capezio Women’s Rockit Dance Sneaker Shoes

This shoe is ready for any dance session you would want to wear that. It has a lightweight design with flat boxed toe stands that changes the look to some extent. The price of the footwear is $64. It comes in two colors i.e. white and black.


* It is a manmade product with a synthetic sole.
* It has a split sole that works for pivoting and springing along with an arch support system.
* The shoe has leather and mesh uppers that are lightweight and breathable.
* The outsole of the shoe contains PU materials that feature flex points along with a forepart spin spot.
* It has a padded collar and tongue.
Reviews: As the name suggests, this shoe is ideal for jazzercise, jazz, and even for the Zumba fitness program. It is one of the best dance sneakers that one can find for comfort and versatility.

6. Ryka Women’s Devotion XT Mid Cross Trainer

It is a recommended product from Ryka that features heel and midfoot lockdown webbing systems. This footwear gives an extremely comfortable and high-performance dance Jazzercise shoe. It is available in all sizes.
* The material of the shoe is textile and synthetic.
* The shaft of this hoe measures approximately low to top from the arch.
* There are soft and flexible synthetic uppers.
* It has an anatomical precise-return footbed.
* The shoe is lightweight and moldable.
* It has a flexible outsole that has flex grooves under the ball of feet.
Reviews: It provides ankle support, toe box, and dance fitness.

7. Adult Split-Sole Sneaker T800

It is one of the most ideal shoes for Jazzercise for both professionals as well as beginners. The price of the footwear is $38.50. It only comes in black color with different available sizes.
* The material of the product is man-made leather and mesh.
* The sole contains polyurethane.
* The shoe is made up of a great mix of man-made leather and a mesh that is breathable.
* It features a padded collar with Achilles support.
* It works the best for jazz or hip hop.
* This shoe features a spin spot and also a comfortable insole.
* If you want to enjoy the features to the full extent then order one size more than the regular shoe size.
Reviews: It is among the highly recommended products for the jazzercise fitness program. Customers are loving these shoes for the price as well as the support.

8. Bloch Women’s Boost DRT MESH Sneaker

Another shoe from Bloch provides a high range of movement and support so that it may appeal to dancers across a different range of disciplines. It is built-in arch support and comes in two options i.e. either a solid black color or a feminine pink color. The price of the shoe is $64.
* The material of the product is 100 percent mesh or suede.
* It has a variable lacing system that is responsible for providing support and optimum arch fit.
* The midsole of the shoe is lightweight providing maximum cushioning.
* The outsole of the footwear has a high density that is responsible for enhancing flexibility.
* The cushioned heel enables maximum shock absorption and high comfort.
* The pivot point allows one for 360-degree twists and turns.
Reviews: Can be used regularly as they are very comfortable and don’t get dirty.

9. Nike Women’s Flex Trainer 7

This product from Nike has come with improved versions. It is just not great in looks but also works the best n terms of flexibility. The price range of the shoe varies from $9 to $120. It is available in two different colors but in all sizes.
* The material used in this shoe is leather and synthetic.
* It has an imported rubber sole.
* The mesh upper of this shoe provides breathability and it is lightweight.
* Cables in the forefoot of this shoe provide a locked-down fit.
* The traction pattern allows for a more flexible grip in all directions possible.
* It has FlyWire Cable Technology that is used basically to improve support and stability.
* The material used is highly flexible that provides decent support and cushioning at the same time.
Reviews: This footwear is lightweight and affordable. It also has a good grip and improved flexibility.

10. Asics Women’s Gel-Fit Tempo 3

This product is another masterpiece of Jazzercise and Zumba training. It can fit in comfortably with your daily routine. It comes in two different colors and is Indigo Blue and purple. The shoe is true to size and is available in all sizes.
* The material of the product is completely synthetic.
* It has an imported rubber sole.
* The shaft of the shoe measures approximately low to the top from the arch.
* The upper mesh of the shoe has Nylon that features overlays for support and durability.
* The midsole of this shoe features gel cushioning in the area.
* It has an outsole that contains rubber that improves durability and traction.
* This shoe runs small in size so you must order a size up to enjoy the exact fit.
Reviews: It has EVA foam inside that provides support and comfort. Customer reviews are highly positive for this product.

11. Zumba Women’s Flying Fusion

This fly fusion for Zumba has been specifically brought for workouts so that it can combine dance and exercise. This shoe features compression cushioning and the product is true to its size. It comes in one color that is a combination of steel grey and bright pink.
* The material of this footwear here is 90 percent mesh and 10 percent polyurethane.
* It has an imported rubber sole.
* It has a textile and synthetic upper with a padded collar and tongue for more comfort.
* The shoe has a Z slide outsole which lets one slide easily over the surface.
* The midsole of this shoe has EVA foam which is very lightweight and responsive at the same time.
* The outsole definitely features high impact areas for traction.
Reviews: It has a wide room for toes along with breathable upper and decent traction.

12. Reebok Women’s Princess Sneaker

Reebok was founded in order to provide athletes with the most comfortable and supportive shoes. The company has succeeded so far in its mission. This product for women is one of the examples. This shoe has cushions and a timeless style. The price of the footwear varies from $30 to $110. It comes in different colors and is available for customers in different sizes.
* It has 100 percent synthetic leather and also an imported rubber sole.
* This footwear offers efficient support and lets your foot stay dry and cool.
* The midsole has EVA foam that lasts many strolls and jogs.
* It comes with a padded foam sock liner that allows lightweight cushioning that helps in movements.
* The footwear features soft terry lining which usually absorbs all the moisture from the foot.
Reviews: It is really high performance running shoes that are ideal for long walks, running, and also hiking.

Best Jazzercise Shoes for Men

As the above heading gave a description about what can be the best choices for women when it comes to buying jazzercise shoes for them. Now in this heading, we will discuss the shoe brands. These shoes are comfortable to wear for men. Let us find your suitable shoes here.

1. New Balance Men’s 4v1 Minimus

These shoes from New Balance have a design that provides comfort, support, and traction that men would require jumping, running, and strength training. These are the features that make it perfect for jazzercise. The shoe has an upper sole to improve support and durability. It has an insole for impact cushioning and comfort. Different sizes are available for the product.


* The material of these shoes is synthetic.
* It is an imported shoe with a sole that aims at securing the feet from any injuries.
* The shoe is lightweight, responsive, durable, and shock absorbent.
* The shoe’s outsole aims at providing excellent grip on hardwood floors and all other surfaces.
* This feature ensures that you won’t slip or lose grip while performing jazzercise.
* The rapid rebound in the forefoot helps in boosting the workout by giving energy.
Reviews: The reviews of the product are indicating positivity. The shoe is flexible, supportive, responsive, durable, and shock absorbent.

2. Reebok Men’s CrossFit Speed TR2

This shoe from Reebok serves the wholesome purpose of jazzercise. These shoes get you the speed that you would require for a functional fitness workout. The product provides great support and balance. IT contains a compression sleeve for stability and protects the foot by providing cushioning. It comes in solar pink; white and silver metallic color and all these colors are available in all sizes.
* It is a 10 percent manmade product.
* This product has an imported rubber sole.
* It has CORDURA mesh material that makes your foot free from sweat and abrasion damage.
* The midsole of the shoe has EVA foam. This foam offers responsiveness and durability.
* It reduces shock in order to protect your foot.
* The outsole is made with rubber which gives flexibility.
Reviews: The shoe works very well for customers worldwide. It is great for cross-fit and it is durable. lightweight and shock absorbent.

3. Nike Men’s Metcon 5 Training Shoe

It is a flexible and stable footwear option for all men looking for jazzercise shoes. This product works the best for high-intensity workouts. The material of this shoe is a sandwich mesh that features two layers of soft mesh material that provides breathable comfort and flexibility. The price of the footwear ranges from $63 to $1034. This product is available in vast colors and different sizes.
* It has a different lacing system of the shoe works differently.
* The midsole provides better balance, shock absorption, and supports workouts.
* The material of the shoe provides resistance against sagging.
* It has an outsole that provides flexibility.
* Footwear works on FlyWire technology that is capable of ensuring a secure fit.
Reviews: The overall reviews from the customers are satisfied. It feels and looks fabulous.

4. Reebok Men’s Crossfit Nano 8.0 Flexweave Sneaker

This eighth iteration from Reebok comes with new improvements and a more comfortable design. It has Nanowave engineering best designed for breathability. The high abrasion rubbers outsole helps in maximizing durability and the flex grooves enhance stability. The price of this product varies from $78 to $229.


* The material of the product is 100 percent synthetic.
* The shaft measures from low – top arch.
* It has a flex weave dynamic upper construction with consists of a target level of support.
* The new heel construction aims at providing ultimate performance comfort.
* This shoe has a low-cut design for added mobility.
* The toe taction in the shoe enhances durability in the toe area for high strength training.
* It meets all the requirements for CrossFit athletes.
Reviews: The customers consider it as a great lifting shoe, comfortable, flexible, and stable product. It provides a great fit and the best for intensity workouts.

5. Puma Men’s Tazon 6 FM

This shoe from Puma is not going to disappoint you when you take it for Jazzercise. It is great for light running and training. It can be used for training every day. The price of the footwear varies from $34.99 to $12. It comes in different colors like puma white, puma black, and puma silver.

* The material of this product is 100 percent synthetic ladder.
* It has a synthetic leather upper.
* The upper part of the shoe has perforations in different areas to allow airflow.
* It prevents the foot to get sweaty during workouts and makes the shoe breathable.
* The midsole of this shoe features a TPU shank for support and stability.
* The outsole of the Puma Tazon 6 is made with thick rubber and features a triangular pattern.
Reviews: It offers excellent traction with breathable and supportive upper mesh. Customer reviews are satisfactory.

6. Adidas Men’s Crazy train Elite M Cross Trainer

This product is available for different variety of workouts that include Jazzercise. It features a flexible and comfortable fit for the wearers and it is quite durable. This training specific design aims at delivering a full range of motion in the forefoot. It provides support in the midfoot and heel. It comes in three different colors and different sizes.
* The material of the product is textile and synthetic.
* The shaft measures in low top from the arch.
* It has a boost cushioning that is very responsive. The more energy you give, the more you will get in return.
* TPU midsole supports a wide range of motion.
* It has an imported rubber sole.
* There has a rear pull tab that is easy on and off.
Reviews: The customers are loving the shoes. It looks great, perfect, and stable.

7. Under Armour Men’s Micro G Assert 7 Sneaker

This sneaker from Assert has a lightweight mesh upper aims at delivering complete breathability. This product is quite similar to the previous versions and features an updated upper to improve support. This product comes in different shades of black and rhino grey. Many different sizes are available for this sneaker.
* The material of the product is textile along with synthetic.
* It is best for runners who require a balance of flexibility and cushioning.
* The upper layer is made with mesh which is very lightweight.
* The mesh material is flexible and breathable.
* The midsole of the shoe delivers an excellent response.
* The outsole of the shoe is of non-marking rubber with flex grooves.
* It is durable and offers a good grip on gym floors.
Reviews: The underfoot comfort of these shoes are fantastic. It is one of the highly recommended products for jazzercise.

8. Nike Free TR 8

This footwear from Nike is capable of providing good support and comfort. The shoe comes with upper that comes with more support. The price of these Nike’s running shoes varies from $85 to $220. This product comes in different colors like black, white, royal blue, etc with a synthetic sole.
* These shoes’ upper part is made up of double-layered mesh. It features TPU wings which has a lacing system for extra support.
* The shoe has FlyWire technology for stability and comfort.
* The midsole of this shoe is thicker than the one in the previous models.
* The outsole of the shoe has rubber foam and returns the entire length of the shoe.
Reviews: The shoe fits true to its size. The product is breathable with supportive double layers. The padded heel and tongue of the shoe make it more shock absorbent.

9. Nike Revolution 4

This is another product from Nike which aims at providing support in workout and strength training. The shoe is durable, shock-absorbent, breathable, etc. The price of this footwear varies from $50 to $253. The shoe comes in different colors and different sizes.
* The material of the product is textile.
* It has an imported rubber sole.
* The upper part of this shoe is of mesh which is breathable material.
* The middle of the shoe is for delivering comfort and support.
* It helps to attenuate shock when one lands on the ground.
* The outsole of the shoe is very different in appearance and it has a durable rubber compound.
* This footwear enhances responsiveness and provides traction in order to perform lateral movements.
Reviews: It is a decent running product with nice and breathable shoes for ultra-comfort. It is good for gym and it works or daily use.

10. Altra HIIT XT Men’s Cross-Training Shoe

Another perfect choice for Jazzercise that promotes air circulation and prevents overheating in intense workouts. It has synthetic overlays that support the foot by wrapping securely. The shoe is available in different sizes. If you buy the product, you will definitely experience the new shape of strength.
* The material of the footwear is textile and synthetic.
* It boasts a FootShape toe-box that gives ample wiggle room that reduces blisters and hot spots chances.
* The midsole protects feet from shock and starts to offer additional bounce on impact.
* The insole of the footwear improves cushioning.
* The outsole is made with a durable rubber material. This increases stability during lateral movements.
* Customers find the shoe to be small in size therefore, go with one size more than the regular size.
Reviews: It has a toe box and fits perfectly. Best choice for cross trainers and customers love these shoes.

11. Asics Men’s Gel-Craze TR 4 Cross-Trainer Shoe

This product from Gel-Craze TR 4 is suitable for many different types of workouts like Zumba, Jazzercise, etc. The shoe has features for shock absorption, cushioning, and durability. The price of the shoe varies from $58 to $300. This product comes in different colors and different sizes.
* The material of this footwear is synthetic and mesh.
* Upper mesh features the lacing system and is responsible for holding your foot securely in a place that offers decent support.
* The midsole unit of this shoe has impressive technologies. It has FluidRide, SpEVA, etc.
* The outsole of the shoe has high abrasion rubber which improves the grip on the surface.
Reviews: The customer reviews of this product are satisfactory. It offers good traction with a lightweight and breathable sole. It has gel cushioning which works the best for shock absorption.

12. Nike Men’s Air Max Trainer 1

Nike stands out and surprises with the vast features it continues to offer in the products. This Air Max trainer is one such product from Nike. It offers comfort and flexibility for workouts. The price of the footwear is $120.
* The upper part of the shoe has a mesh that features synthetic overlays for stability.
* The midsole of the Nike Air Max Trainer offers bounce and also cushioning.
* The outsole has durable rubber that has good traction during lateral movements.
* The forefoot area of the outsole increases the lateral flexibility.
* Phylon foam that is in the midsole increases the responsiveness of the shoe.
* It has an AirMax cushioning which is necessary for shock absorption.
Reviews: It fits perfectly and it is one of the most recommended products from Nike for the Jazzercise fitness program.

Final Words

The guide to suggest to readers the best jazzercise for men and women is coming to an end. We made an attempt to assist you to get the maximum comfortable shoes so that your jazzercise fitness training can go smoothly and without interruption. All the suggestions in this post are reliable and it is now upon you to decide the shoe which you want to pick.
Choose jazzercise because not only it keeps you fit but also it is good for mental stress. It has man health benefits. But before going for jazzercise, read and understand the above headings that
describe the health benefits, shoe type, and other details on jazzercise. Continue then to buy the right pair of shoes with the link given in the description of each model. Follow the tips and enjoy your jazzercise classes.

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