10 Best Sandals for Womens

Women have some different structures as well as nature which is quite different from men. So for women’s best support and comfort, they should look for the best sandals women’s. From the thousands of sandals, it is very much difficult to find out the best sandals for women. To enhancing the experience of your shopping and also for making a helping hand, we make a list of sandals for the best walking sandals for women.

We also describe the features that can offer the best comfort and support to the women in the last portion of our review. We add some frequently asked questions for letting you the users demand too. Hopefully, you can get our writing very helpful for collecting the best sandals for women.

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Best Sandals for Women’s Reviewed

1.DREAM PAIRS Women’s Open Toe Ankle Strap Casual Flatform Platform Sandals


We listed

DREAM PAIRS Women’s Open Toe Ankle Strap Casual Flatform Platform Sandals

as our first best sandals for women. Because the sandal has worthy of taking the first position in our list. This sandal has amazing quality products as well as soft and comfy features. This sandal was designed in the USA.

The sandal features feather-light comfort in your daily movement. You can use them in outdoor and indoor activities at the same time. They are super lightweight so working women can use them on a daily basis. This sandal supports you in your arch along with the heel. The footbed of this sandal is fantastic which is known form most of the customers of this sandal.

These stylish classic vamp sandal stretchy ankle straps provide a perfect fitting. With these straps, this sandal offers an ideal fitting to your feet. The sandal is known as a great sandal for the amazing fitting of it. They have become the everyday go-to sandal quickly for having the supportive and comfortable features of them.

These comfortable sandals for women are so much affordable. Anyone with a small budget can buy it easily. We think you want to collect several pairs of these best women’s leather sandals. They also have huge color and design options. Therefore you can collect some stylish sandals with preferable comfort and support.


  • Designed in the USA
  • Feather-light
  • Stylish classic vamp
  • Too much affordable
  • A huge color and design option


  • May runs large
  • Size may vary

2. Sanuk Women’s Yoga Sling 2

best sandals women’sSanuk is a well-known brand in the market of sandal. This sandal is the best women’s leather sandals. It is also added in the comfortable women’s sandals. If you have a bad foot pain like plantar fasciitis or any other pains, these sandals support you the most because they have a super supportive pad. With this padding, they offer the perfect cushy and comfortable.

This thong flip-flop sandal is featuring stretch fabric straps. These fabric straps give a stylish look to the sandal. They look dressy enough to wear in summer with a summery dress. They have a synthetic sole which makes it more durable. The sandal also features a wrapped toe post that offers enough room in the toe box. So the women can move with more flexibility. The sandal can let a machine wash with a color-safe detergent. Thus you can easily wash this sandal and use a long time.

The price rate of this comfortable sandal for women starts at a low rate of 10 dollars. So you can easily collect them. The sandal is best for plantar fasciitis.

However, this sandal has some bad sides also. They may runs wide after using a certain time period. And the size may vary to you. So before buying this women’s sandal, you should remember all the features it has.


  • Thong flip-flop featuring stretch fabric straps
  • Machine wash cold with color-safe detergent
  • Synthetic sole
  • Wrapped toe post
  • Happy U rubber sponge outsole


  • Runs wide
  • Size may vary

3. Clarks Women’s Breeze Sea Flip-Flop

women's comfort sandalsAbout Clarks, there is nothing to describe their products, quality as well as features. If you are a regular in shopping footwear and have a minimum idea about some sandal’s brand, then we indeed say that you know about the popularity of Clarks sandal. Clarks Women’s Breeze Sea Flip-Flop is one of the best sandals for women’s from the collections of Clarks.
These best sandals women’s are 100 percent synthetic.

They are more comfortable enough than your ordinary flip-flops. They are ultra-comfortable with the underfoot as well as the top of the sandal. This sporty sandal is featuring adjustable thong strap which delivers you the perfect fitting whether you have a narrow or wide foot. It also features a hook-and-loop closure.[irp posts=”51″ name=”Best Sandals for Men Review 2019″]

With the floral-print footbed, it creates an appealing look to the wearer. If you are a stylish one, definitely you love them a lot. This comfortable women’s sandals have a midsole stripe for more support and comfy.

However, honest speaking is this sandal is not for the winter. This sandal cannot provide more comfort in cold weather. And may runs large which is come from some of the customer reviews. But they are good for wide feet. Actually, there is nothing without a bad side. So you may consider these features. All the other features can provide you enough comfort and support in many situations.


  • 100% Synthetic
  • Sporty sandal featuring adjustable thong strap
  • Hook-and-loop closure
  • Floral-print footbed
  • Midsole stripe


  • Not for winter
  • Runs large

4.Reef Women’s Sandy Flip-Flop

When we want to write about the features of this sandal, first of all, we have to say about the long-lasting quality and amazing comfy of this sandal. Reef Sandy Women’s Sandals is very much comfortable that most of the customers said that, they can wear them for the whole day in their workplace. The women can use them in their regular uses.

The soft woven strap of this sandal ensures the best comfort. Your whole foot remains comfortable in the Sandy sandal of Reef. The sandal is made of triple-density synthetic EVA construction. Triple density quality supports you in different portions. And EVA construction of a sandal is a real attraction. Because this EVA makes the sandal more supportive.

With the EVA construction and rubber sole, you can use this sandal with more durability. Therefore, there is no concern about when it may break in any situation, and you may fall in an embarrassing condition. So you can go from deck chairs to waves and anywhere in between by wearing this sandal.

This sandal is Reef’s best-selling flip flops for women. They are handcrafted for both comfort and adventure by these comfortable women’s sandals. The timeless design and versatility of the sandal also pleased you. The anatomical arch support keeps your arch protective so that you can not fall an injury easily.

But the scandal has not enough color design. So you can not make a versatile collection with this sandal.


  • For both comfort and adventure
  • Triple density synthetic EVA construction
  • Intense splash fight without worry
  • Packed with the comfort and support
  • Anatomical arch support


  • Runs small
  • Not enough color option

5. Crocs Women’s Sexi Flip

best women’s leather sandalsCrocs Women’s Sexi Flip is a famous sandal among the best sandals for women’s for its amazing support and flexibility of use. This Women’s Sexi Flip sandals from Crocs take a great position in the market for its fame and quality of products. This sandal is easy to use in many situations. This is a user-friendly feature that’s why women love this sandal a lot.

This best walking sandals for women feature moderate arch support. For walking, you can get the proper support and comfort by this sandal. The amount of arch support of this sandal makes it best for the high, medium and low arch. But it is a matter that, extremely high arch people may not get the proper arch support like the others.[irp]

This walking sandal is made with the signature croslite material. It has a massaging nub footbed more stability. This nub footbed is designed for providing toe protection. One important feature of this sandal is durability. These women’s sandals with arch support are very much durable for the materials it has. It is also very light to carry and flexible to use. An additional feature of this sandal is it is waterproof. So you don’t need to be worried very much. But a matter of sorrow that, you may get a fall on if the path is slippery.

The price rate of this sandal is incredibly affordable. It is so much cheaper than any popular shoe. You can get the proper arch support at a cheap rate. Definitely, this thing is very much amazing to you. So make a hurry to have it.


  • Croslite sole
  • Slim sandal in signature Croslite material
  • With ankle strap and heel piece
  • Massaging nub footbed
  • Waterproof


  • The ankle strap is narrow
  • Slippery when wet

6. Birkenstock Women’s Slide Sandal

People like Birkenstock very much for their amazing footwear. They have fantastic support with delicate straps. They are awesome for summer trips and outings. Birkenstock Women’s Mayari Birko-Flor Sandal is a good investment for footwear which is known from customer reviews. The customer said that this sandal has proper arch support and cushioning. So they can be treated like the women’s sandals with arch support.

The sandal features buckles for an adjustable fit. With a narrow or wide foot, any woman can get the proper fitting if they wear this sandal. The sandal has a fabric toe-loop. This toe-loop is designed for added comfort.

The sandal has a classic footbed in Stone Birkibuc. It is a special footbed that can add extra support and comfort. The more attractive feature of these comfortable women’s sandals has the most popular style. The wearer can get a stylish look and also take the attention of others.

With all the quality, this sandal has a bad side. The bad side is the sandal is very expensive if we compare it with the other sandals on our list. So your budget is the primary concern if you want to have them. Another thing is, they can not offer enough support in some conditions. You have to keep in mind all the merits and demerits of this sandal.


  • Delicate straps
  • Fabric toe-loop for added comfort
  • Buckles for an adjustable fit
  • Classic footbed in Stone Birkibuc
  • With the most popular style


  • Expensive
  • Not so supportive

7. Crocs Unisex Classic Slide Sandal

best walking sandals for womenNow we describe a sandal which can be used by men and women both. Actually, this sandal is a unisex sandal. Crocs Unisex Classic Slide Sandal is an amazing product of Crocs. It offers a perfect cushion while walking and some other activities like that. Therefore, we can consider it as the best walking sandals for women. And it is our second sandal from Crocs. Crocs have some super comfortable shoes and sandals. It is one of them.

The sandal features a Croslite sole of Crocs. It is a special sole that is designed by their pattern. The sandal is very lightweight and easy to use. Customer says that crocs Unisex Classic Slide Sandal is a lightweight as well as versatile slide style. Crocs also added their Croslite foam cushion in this sandal. This foam provides a soft and cloudy environment when you go to an outing.

Price rate of this comfort sandals for women starts at a low rate to high. For this reason, the budget is not a problem. You can buy them as your desired budget. And it has several color options. From this color, you may choose your sandal.


  • Croslite sole
  • Lightweight, versatile slide style
  • Croslite foam cushion
  • Relaxed fit, Iconic Crocs Comfort
  • For beach, pool, or beyond


  • May feel too skinny
  • Not so durable

8. Teva Women’s Original Universal Maressa Sandal

These best sandals for women have come from one of the most popular sandals brands Teva. They rule the market with their customer required sandals and also some special features. Teva Women’s Original Universal Sandal is a leather sandal. This best women’s leather sandals are offering some awesome quality to the users also.[irp]

It has a rubber sole. The sandal features webbing straps with a padded heel strap. This heel straps also add heel support for the women. This sandal has a contoured EVA footbed as well as the midsole. The contoured Eva footbed delivers a stable movement in your daily life and working place. Microban zinc-based anti-microbial lining of this sandal keeps protected your feet from various kind of bacterial attacks.

Hopefully, all the quality and materials of this sandal make you interested in buying it. You can get a comfortable movement and flexible time with these best sandals women’s.


  • Rubber sole
  • Classic athletic sandal
  • Webbing straps with padded heel strap
  • Contoured EVA footbed and midsole
  • Microban zinc-based anti-microbial lining


  • Little bit expensive
  • May find wide or long

9. OLUKAI Upena Slipper – Women’s

comfort sandals for womenOLUKAI Upena Slipper – Women’s is another best sandals for women’s. It can increase your comfort as well as support while you are moving like walking, running or any outing. So we can mention these sandals as the best walking sandals for women. If you look forward to the features of this sandal, you also agree with us.

The sandal features a Non-marking rubber outsole. This outsole with textured pods is designed for enhancing traction as well as durability. Therefore, you can be sure about the perfect support of traction. And it is really delighting that, this sandal is durable enough of a lifetime. And for a sandal, every one of us wants this feature.

This sandal also has an anatomically molded micro-textured PU midsole. It will provide you a more secure and super comfortable movement. The sandal is made of natural and synthetic rubber. The natural material of this best sandal women’s allows you to move with your natural motion.

However, this sandal delivers amazing quality and features. But there is a concern of this sandal. For getting these comfortable sandals for women, you have to pay a significant amount of money. This may dishearten you.

But with laser-etched hook logo, you can get a different look for getting the attraction of others. Stylish and smart women like this sandal very much. We think you also like them.


  • Non-marking rubber outsole
  • Enhanced traction and durability
  • Anatomically molded micro-textured PU midsole
  • Natural and synthetic rubber
  • Natural material


  • Highly expensive
  • Not so durable

10. Vertico Shower and Poolside Sports Sandal – Slide On

women's running sandalsThere is a phrase in English that, last but not least. Yes, this is our last sandal of the review of the best sandals for women’s. But the quality, functions, and features are not least rather than have the capability of some praise. Vertico Shower and Poolside Sports Sandal – Slide On is a sports sandal for women. With soft leather, this sandal treated as best women’s leather sandals. They have proper arch support for sporting as well as any moving which creates massive pressure on your foot. These women’s sandals with arch is also supportable to interest you for buying them.

This sandal features a Deep Tread for Solid Traction. You can get enough traction support by this sandal. These best sandals women’s have a Quick Drying Construction. So you can get a dry feeling though you pass a wet path so quickly.

This sandal Pack Tight and fell small for your Luggage or Gym Bag. It also has a Closed-Cell EVA for offering Unbeatable Comfort. The price rate of this sandal is too affordable which is starting from 12 dollars to 14 dollars. So make a hurry to collect them and enjoy a safe and sound moving.


  • Deep Tread for Solid Traction
  • Quick Drying Construction
  • Sandals Pack Tight and Small
  • Closed-Cell EVA for Unbeatable Comfort
  • Vented Foot Bridge


  • Looks bulky
  • Size may vary

The FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions):

Ques: what are the best sandals for women’s?

Ans: there are different sandals which are the best sandals for women. But the most famous sandals are Birkenstock Arizona, Teva Women’s Olowahu Flip-flop, Crocs Women’s Sexi Flip Sandals, Birkenstock Women’s Mayari Sandal, Teva Women’s Original Universal Sandal. They are considered the best sandals for women by the customer and regular users.

Ques: what are the best sandals for walking?

Ans: Actually walking is the right kind of exercise. For walking, a good type of sandal is needed. With proper support and comfort, you can fit for regular walking. From the numerous sandals for walking, some famous best sandals for walking are Munro Pisces Sandal, Birkenstock Arizona Soft Footbed, Mephisto Helen Sandal, Naot Footwear Sabrina, Clarks Un Haywood, etc.[irp]

Ques: what sandals have the best arch support?

Ans: For women ‘Women’s Keen Whisper’ is the best arch support sandal. And for men, Vionic Bryce Toe Post is the best arch support sandal. You may find many other sandals, but they are the first choice of customer who is looking for the best sandals with arch support.

Ques: what are the best walking sandals for women?

Ans: Munro Pisces Sandal, Birkenstock Arizona Soft Footbed, Mephisto Helen Sandal, Born Mai Cuoio, Aerosoles, etc are some best walking sandals for women. You can choose them and use them for your daily walking time.

Ques: are Teva sandals waterproof?

Ans: Teva sandals are waterproof or water-resist. From the website of Teva’s, it is known that they are totally waterproof. So go ahead for Teva’s sandal without any fear or hesitation.

Ques: What are the most comfortable women’s flip-flops?

Ans: The sandals which have the soft midsole, durable footbed, mesh upper, and some other criteria are the most comfortable women’s flip-flops. Some famous flip-flops in the market are: Havaianas Flip Flops, Vionic Beach Noosa Flip-Flop, Teva Olowahu Flip-Flop, Crocs Kadee II Flip-Flop, Sanuk Yoga Sling 2 Spectrum Flip Flops, Taos Primo Flip Flop.

Ques: What are the best sandals for your feet?

Ans: Having enough support and comfort are the best sandals for your feet. With the proper support and perfect comfy, anyone can pass a whole day without any discomfort. Some of the best sandals are Toesox Serena Five Toe Sandals, Vionic Paden Sandal, NAOT Footwear Kayla, Therafit Grace Sandal, etc.

Ques: Which Keen sandal is best for walking?

Ans: Keen’s products are so much popular in the market for their amazing products. But among them, KEEN Whisper is the best sandal for walking.

Ques: What are the best sandals for plantar fasciitis?

Ans: Vionic with Orthaheel Paros Women’s Sandal, Taos Women’s Trulie Wedge Sandal, Birkenstock Mayari, Dansko Women’s Sophie Sandal are some best sandals for plantar fasciitis.

Ques: Are Birkenstocks good walking sandals?

Ans: Birkenstocks are making some amazing and special sandals for walking. Birkenstock Arizona Soft Footbed Sandal is one of them. You can get a single pair of Birkenstocks products in every sandal’s review. They are good enough in support, breathability, durability, and comfort.

Criteria to evaluate the best sandals women’s

To evaluate women’s comfort sandals, you have to remember some certain issues and quality. Actually, there are many criteria to collect the best women’s sandal. Some first and foremost criteria to get the most comfortable women’s sandals, we find out the list of criteria.

Let’s describe the features that are important for selecting the best sandals for women’s.


To find out the best sandals women’s, the main features that you should be looked for is lightweight. It is more important for many people in many places. Cause if the sandal makes you hassle in your movement then it becomes the worst thing to anyone of you. Actually, a person wears a sandal for the flexibility of movement as well as comfort in daily life. So if it provides weight to your foot, you become tried. As your feet carry your all weight all day and if your footwear adds some extra weight, you will get more tried.

A lightweight sandal makes you more comfortable as well as easy in your movement. Therefore, whenever you want to buy women’s sandals, make sure it is lightweight. There is a list of sandal’s weight in the website. You can look for the weight in this popular site.


A sandal should be more breathable to the wearer. It is an important as well as first criteria. Actually, the person who have sweaty feet or smelly feet, know how much important the criteria is. And there is no question that, every one of us gets tried in our workplace and most of the time there is excessive heat or crowd. Thus our whole body along with feet gets sweat. Besides we can feel an easy and flexible movement if there is no sweat or smell in our sandal or socks. So care for this feature for a women’s sandal.


The more support you get by your shoe, the more you enjoy your movement. Everyone always wants a supportive sandal. And it should be known to you that, supportive footwear makes you more secure and safe in every situation. You may fall in an accident and may get an injury for using a bad sandal which has not enough support. Ankle support, heel support, and arch support are essential for anyone. Besides, if you have a bad foot pain like plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, and any other injury, this support is mandatory for you.

Adjustability and durability

It is important to have a sandal with a perfect fitting which is called adjustable. The more the sandal adjust to your feet, the more you can step on easily. When you are looking for comfortable sandals for women, you should care for the fitting of the individual one. A sandal with hook closure is preferable for this reason. Otherwise, you should be sure about the size of the sandal from their product list and description.

And finally, we tell you about the durability of your sandal. Actually, no one of us wants a bad shoe with a short time of use. All of us want a long, lasting shoe with more support. That’s why the materials of the sandal are very much important to evaluate the best sandals women’s.

There are some popular brands of sandals which are making great durable sandal for women. If you think about the durability of a sandal, then you can easily understand that it can save you as well as help you to keep your practice in Some situations. If your footwear gets to break in your working time or any get-together or out, the situation will become wired more than enough. That’s why we list them in our features to evaluate the best sandals for women’s.

Conclusion: Last, of all, we can assure you that if you read all the descriptions of a sandal, you can easily find out the best sandal for you. The criteria of best sandals for women’s will help you so much. Let us know about the experience of your shopping.

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