10 Best Sandals With Arch Support

While “arch support” is not a buzzword, it becomes a topic seen all over the internet. You will find it everywhere like a foot, shoes, sandals, health blogs, etc. Actually, the most customer wants a supportive arch shoe for walking all day long with great comfort. Men wish for Men’s sandals with arch support, and women want Women’s sandals with arch support. And there is no doubt that a supportive arch shoe makes you more protective as well as flexible to move in your every activity.

When you come to the topic of arch support, then you want to know what arch support is. Which shoes have better arch support? How can anyone find the best sandals with arch support? All your question is listed in our frequently asked question portion. But in short, the shoe with a super flexible insole that can protect your arch from being painful, overworked, or any injury is called a supportive arch sandal. Whether you have a low arch or medium arch or high arch, the best arch-supportive sandals will help you in this regard.

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For making a helping hand to the seeker of the best arch support sandal, here we make a list of some famous sandals for arch support. We use customer demand and review. We also consider the quality of the shoe and its features. Hopefully, you will find the perfect sandals with arch support for you.

Best Sandals With Arch Support

1. Women’s Keen Whisper

sandals with arch supportKeen is a footwear brand that is founded in 2003 and making a new era in sandal quality by providing ankle support and protection of toes. Keen Whisper is one of them. It can offer excellent user support for the ankle as well as perfect comfort in many options. Best arch support sandals should be very supportive, lightweight, and flexible to use. So this sandal also provides such quality.

If we look forward to the features of these great sandals with arch support, we think that you will become very much happy and interested in owning them. Perfect for arch support, this women’s sandal is a water sandal because it delivers the user a waterproof feature. So you can easily use them in dry or wet conditions. The sandal is made with synthetic mesh lining. These women’s sandals with arch support have a roomy toe box. This feature lets you move easily with a comfortable feeling.

The sandal has a multi-directional, non-scuffing rubber outsole. This outsole makes it more supportive of the ankle. If you have an ankle injury, you can also get more comfortable with this sandal. The sandal is machine washable. So when they become dirty and need a wash, you can let a machine washing. Otherwise, you can clean with the home cleaning procedure.

However, to be very honest everything has a bad and a good side. This sandal also has some demerits. Sometimes it fits narrowly to some users. And some users said that they look bulky to them. But we think it varies from the people to the difference in their choice. You may find the best comfort in the best sandals with arch support by this sandal.


  • Synthetic-and-mesh
  • Waterproof
  • Machine washable
  • True to size
  • Roomy toe box


  • Narrow fits
  • Looks bulky

2. Vionic Women’s Tide Tasha Toe-Post Sandal – Supportive Ladies Orthotic Sandals that include Three Zone Comfort with Arch Support- Flip Flop for Ladies, Medium Fit

Another best arch support sandal both for features and functionality is Vionic with Orthaheel Technology Men’s Ryder Thong Sandals. The sandal has a versatile color option and design. This sandal is very popular as the men’s sandals with arch support. Because all the features it has are very much support for those, who have bad arch pain or problem.

The sandal is made of a rubber sole which makes it more durable. It is a casual sandal for different kinds of casual uses. It features a soft, synthetic upper as well as a soft-lined upper. The sandal is built-in comfort and support for a long time. You can use them for the whole day for any outing or indoor activities. It also has an EVA midsole. This midsole offers the user the best comfort in the middle portion of the feet.

The prize rate of this sandal is affordable. It has a price rate from the average rate to a high rate. So you can collect them with your desired budget. We hope these best arch support sandals will help you to reduce your arch problem. You can enjoy every step of walking if you wear these fantastic sandal.


  • Rubber sole
  • The Ryder sandal from VIONIC is versatile
  • EVA midsole
  • Built-in comfort and support.
  • Casual sandal


  • No half-size available
  • Requires breaking in

3. Crocs Women’s Sexi Flip

Women’s sandals with arch supportCrocs Women’s Sexi Flip is a popular sandal among women for its amazing support and flexibility of use. These Women’s Sexi Flip sandals from Crocs rule the market for their name and quality of products. This sandal is comfortable to dress up or down. This is a user-friendly feature that’s why people love this sandal a lot.

These women’s sandals with arch support feature moderate arch support. This amount of arch support makes it best for the high, medium, and low arch. But it is a matter that, extremely high arch people may not get the proper arch support like the others.

This slim sandal is made with signature croslite material. It has a massaging nub footbed. This nub footbed is designed for providing toe protection. One important feature of this sandal is durability. These women’s sandals with arch support are very much durable for the materials it has. It is also very light to carry and flexible to use. An additional feature of this sandal is it is waterproof. So you don’t need to be worried very much. But a matter of sorrow that, you may get fall on if the path is slippery.

The price rate of this sandal is incredibly affordable. It is so much cheaper than any favorite shoe. You can get the proper arch support at a cheap rate. Definitely, this thing is very much amazing to you. So make a hurry to have it.


  • Croslite sole
  • Slim sandal in signature Croslite material
  • With ankle strap and heel piece
  • Massaging nub footbed
  • Waterproof


  • The ankle strap is narrow
  • Slippery when wet

4. Birkenstock Arizona Unisex Leather Sandal

Sandals with good arch supportBirkenstock Arizona is one of the best arch support sandals for both men and women. It is a unisex sandal which is an excellent feature. The funny thing is, this sandal can be used by the husband as well as the woman at any time. Or brother and sister can use them sequentially. So the couple can easily use them in any place and under any circumstances.

This sandal has a synthetic sole. It has a synthetic upper material that provides you with durable uses. It has arch support with a deep heel cup. Thus it becomes a great sandal with arch support. The Contoured cork footbed of this sandal makes your step more stable, and therefore you can get stability in moving.

The sandal has a lightweight EVA sole for cushioning and also has a shock absorption roomy toe box. This toe box helps the user to keep safe from different kinds of obstacles along the way.

This sandal is an expensive then keen whisper. But it is an investment scandal. You can get a long-lasting user experience with this sandal along with amazing support and comfort. So our recommendation makes the first try with these best arch support sandals and leads a comfy daily life.


  • Synthetic sole
  • Durable, synthetic upper material
  • Contoured cork footbed
  • Lightweight EVA sole for cushioning
  • Arch support with a deep heel cup


  • Size may vary
  • Not for wide people

5. Dansko Women’s Sophie Slide Sandal

Cute sandals with arch supportDansko is one of the most famous women’s sandal brands in the market. They provide stylish and comfortable shoes with great support. It is twenty years old brand famous for supportive fashion. Dansko Women’s Sophie Slide Sandal is also very popular in the market as well as among women.[irp]

This sandal is first and foremost built for extreme stability. It is thick so you can easily carry it all day. It has a shock-absorbing foam midsole which can protect you from various shocks. The sandal has a Drill-lex suckling for moisture management which is a very delightful feature. It can moisturize your feet and keep your feet healthy. The sandal is a built-in nylon shank for added support and stability. Thus this shoe makes you more confident in your daily step of moving.

The shock-absorbing foam midsole keeps you joyful by delivering all-day comfort. The heel of the sandal keeps you stable by minimizing the impact on your feet. Though the price rate of this sandal is a little bit high, you can get the perfect support for your arch with this shoe. So we recommend this sandal to collect for better arch support.


  • Drill-lex socking for moisture management
  • Shock-absorbing foam midsole
  • Coring holes and cored-out forepart
  • Heel for stability on impact
  • Built-in nylon shank


  • Runs small
  • Little bit expensive

6. Neat Feat Men’s Zori Sports Orthotic Slip-On Sandals Flip Flop

Sandals with arch support women'sThis flip-flop sandal is designed with the ability to help the wearer to prevent the tendency of pronation. It is an orthotic sandal and is best as sandals with arch support. This sandal has high arch support which preserves foot structure and also delivers a stable movement. So this sandal can keep you safe and secure in your indoor and outdoor activities.

The sandal is very lightweight and made with water-resistant materials. So you can use them in a wet place without any concern. The durability of this sandal is fantastic which come from some customer review. You can use them for the long term.

The amazing news about this sandal is, it has no specific male or female sizing. Therefore, you don’t worry about the difference between male and female patterns. Another thing is, this sandal is very cheap compared with the other sandals in the market. Anyone wants to save their money but get the best sandal. So this easily affordable sandal is definitely for you.


  • High arch support preserves foot structure
  • Helps to prevent the tendency of pronation
  • Helps promote good posture
  • All zori footwear is unisex
  • Lightweight, water-resistant materials


  • Just one color and design
  • Looks old design

7. Clarks Women’s Lexi Myrtle Sandal

Sandals with support for walkingAbout Clarks, there is nothing to describe their products, quality, and user-friendly design. If you are a regular footwear buyer and have minimum knowledge about some sandal brands, then we hope you know about the popularity of Clarks sandals. Clarks Women’s Lexi Myrtle Sandal is one of the best arch support sandals which is specially designed for women.

The sandal is made of rubber soles for more durability and stability. It features a flexible and durable outsole also. The outsole offers the user enough arch support and confidence. It has a leather upper which is made with floral applique. The upper material makes the sandal more comfortable and protective.

This wedge slide sandal has straps. It makes the sandal attractive and stylish. With a beautiful finishing touch to casual skirts, this sandal creates an appealing look. So you can get the sandals with arch support women, as well as flexible movement in every, use.

However, the straps may feel irritated sometimes to you. Because somebody doesn’t like strap sandals and someone loves them. So depends on your choice of you. And the sizing of this sandal may vary to people. So you should try these sandals before you want to buy them. Thus we hope you can get the sandal with arch support.


  • Rubber sole
  • Wedge slide sandal
  • Flexible, durable outsole
  • Leather upper with floral applique
  • The attractive finishing touch to casual skirts


  • Straps may feel irritate
  • Size varies

8. CAMEL Men’s Sandals Genuine Leather Sports Open Toes Sandals Casual Elastic Beach Slippers for Summer


This Men’s sandals with arch support are featuring a super supportive and flexible quality that can take place in the list of our reviews. This CAMEL Men’s Sandals Genuine Leather Sports Open Toes Sandal is made of synthetic leather. A super arch design makes the sandal more supportive and easy to use. An adjustable Triple hook-and-loop strap gives you the perfect fitting. If you have wide or narrow feet, you do not need to worry very much because with this strap you can make the required joint.

A quick-drying synthetic upper make your feet always dry and at the right temperature. If you have sweaty feet and the socks are not so ready to absorb them, you feel an uncomfortable movement. This fast-drying system helps you to get rid of this weird situation.

The sandal has a TPR outsole. This TPR sole protects you with the specially developed tread pattern. The sandal features an arch support design with a comfortable phylon insole. Those features are very much unique that you can not find them in other sandals easily.

The amazing feature of these sandals is they are too cheap. No sandal in the market can be found with this price rate along with those amazing user-friendly designs. They are also sandals for high arches. So if you are looking for a high-arch sandal, this is also for you.


  • Adjustable Triple hook-and-loop straps
  • Quick-drying synthetic upper
  • TPR outsole with a developed tread pattern
  • Arch support design
  • A simple profile in high style


  • Weak materials
  • Size may vary

9. Cobb Hill Women’s Hollywood 2-Piece Cuff Sandal

Women’s sandals with arch supportCobb Hill Women’s Hollywood 2 Piece Cuff sandal is another good enough sandal with arch support for women. It has some user-friendly features with good support and design. As a Cobb product, they have such quality to pay attention to collect them.

It has a rubber sole. It features a steel shank and microfiber lining. This lining makes the sandal super soft and comfy. The microfiber lining is very lightweight. So you feel light and natural movement. You can easily use it in all indoor activities with so much flexibility. Molded EVA footbed offers you more arch support and stable movement.[irp]

These sandals are practical with an anatomical design. But one concern is, this sandal may be loose around the heel and not the narrow feet people. They get too full this sandal. So if you have a slim fit, you may take a trial, and then you can buy them if you get the perfect fit.


  • Rubber sole
  • Steel Shank and Microfiber lining
  • Molded EVA footbed
  • Anatomical design
  • Practical


  • Loose around heel
  • Too wide for a narrow foot

10. New Balance Men’s Recharge Sandal

Sandals for high archesNew Balance is a popular, renowned brand in the marketplace and delivers amazing shoes throughout the world. They are an old brand and can get customer support for a long time. This New Balance Men’s Recharge Sandal is one of their famous sandals of them. These men’s sandals with arch support are our last sandals. But it has some quality that they are included in the many sandals available in the market.

This sandal has anatomical arch support. So for getting the proper support of the arch, you do not think so much. Three-point adjustable upper make the sandal more comfortable. A contoured footbed provides enough stability in outdoor activities and also for indoor activities. A synthetic PU upper offers super durability.

Along with the durable rubber outsole, these sandals for high arches are super supportive. They are also breathable sandals. So you can get a smooth and comfy movement.

The price rate of this sandal is started from an average rate to a high rate. So you can collect them as you wish. But there is no available color design for this sandal. So you have to pick with their minimal color option. Remember all the features of this sandal also with the disadvantages, when you want to collect them.


  • 3-point adjustable upper
  • Pureology contoured footbed
  • Anatomical arch support
  • Synthetic PU upper with Lycra liner
  • Durable Rubber outsole


  • Minimal color design
  • Quality may not so durable

The FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions)

Ques. What is the best arch support for flat feet?

Ans: The flat feet can get the best arch support from over-the-counter (OTC) inserts and a soft insole. Choosing the insole with the right amount of structure is essential. The right amount of shock absorption is also very much necessary. There are different types of insoles for flat feet.

Tread Labs – Stride Insole, Sof Sole Airr Orthotic Full-Length Performance Shoe Insoles, Powerstep Pinnacle Premium Orthotic Shoe Insoles, Birkenstock Blue Footbed Casual Arch Support, Superfeet BLUE Premium Insoles are great insoles for flat feet.

Ques. What are the best flip-flops for your feet?

Ans: There is a substantial flip-flop that is best for your feet. But the most popular flip flops are Orthaheel Tide Slide In Orthopedic Sandals, Crocs Capri IV Flip-Flop, OluKai Ohana Sandal, Orthaheel by Vionic Tide Sequins Orthotic Sandals, etc. You can buy your own considering their price and size.

Ques. What sandals have the best arch support?

Ans: The sandals which have a super supportive insole with a proper shock absorption system are the best arch support sandals. You can easily get the best arch support sandal from our review. Teva, Birkenstocks, Vionic, and Keen are some popular brands for making the best arch-supportive sandals.

Ques. are Birkenstocks good for flat feet?

Ans: Birkenstocks is a famous brand throughout the world. They are producing amazing sandals with the best support for different kinds of problems and people. They are making sandals for flat feet. They feature various user-friendly qualities in their shoes. So you can easily collect their sandals if you have flat feet.

Ques. are flip-flops bad for your feet?

Ans: it depends. When you choose the flip-flop with proper support and comfort, they become suitable for you. But if you can not get the appropriate flip-flops, then it will be a bad thing for your feet.

Criteria for evaluating  sandals with arch support

While you are reading this buying guide, you may think that you will find the perfect sandals with good arch support. But there is no one-size-fits-all solution. You may customize your preference depending on your needs. But here we figure out the most common and useful criteria to get the best arch support sandals. And obviously, we make these features with research and customer benefits. Let’s start.

Arch support

The best arch support sandals have perfect arch materials with more different delivery in terms of comfort. And the person who has a bad arch or an arch problem should wear a sandal which has great arch support. Having enough arch support not only makes the shoe more comfortable for them but also offers them more flexible walking, running, or such activities.[irp]

As they have a lack of support in the foot so the footwear should be quite supportive. Having proper arch support can help you to cure yourself and also reduce the concern of falling or any other injury. So when you are looking for the best sandals with arch support, give importance to which sandals have a good arch profile. Sandals with support for walking may come with a soft upper lining or synthetic upper. The soft cloudfoam insole provides you with the best comfort as well as support.


The sandal’s insole is another criterion to choose sandals with arch support. The insole is the portion of a sandal that delivers support to the wearer. The insole provides support to your arch.

The insole should be very soft and durable so that you can easily move to and fro. Cute sandals with arch support carry a soft and foamy insole that delivers flexible movement in every situation.


The materials of a sandal are very much essential to evaluate cute sandals with arch support. Many supportive insoles are made of EVA foam. The density, softness, and flexibility of a sandal prefer for providing the best comfort. The upper materials of the sandal should be soft and protective. A shock absorption quality may offer great support for the bad arch people. Footbed made with cork materials is also very popular as the best arch-support sandals. Birkenstocks are a prime example of having cork footbeds.


The quality of a product comes with the quality of the brand. A renowned brand can ensure the user about the materials and quality of that product. To choose sandals with excellent arch support, you should choose a popular brand. Some popular brands for making sandals with arch support are Birkenstocks, Keen, Vionic, Crocs, Taos, New Balance, etc. Those brands stack their reputation with quality shoes and supportive features. So you can collect sandals from those famous brands.


Actually, there is nothing to say about the cushioning of footwear. It may be shoes, sandals, boots or other types. But all of us want footwear with excellent cushioning. And if you have some problem with your foot, definitely you should care about it more than others. Some brands stack their reputation with quality shoes and supportive features. They provide their customers with the best comfort with their sandals. And they are very much arch supportive

The materials of the sandal contain how much comfort it can be offered to the user. The inner sole of the sandal and the upper elements include the main comfort as the inner sole is adjacent to your feet and the upper materials can prevent your probability of falling injury. So the inner sole and the upper product of your sandal should be soft as you get the comfy movement.

Some best brands for making supportive arch sandals include technology that absorbs the impact of the foot and decreases the stress on the foot. The excellent cushioning of the sandal should be able to deliver long-lasting comfort in all situations. So care about this feature when you collect sandals with support for walking.


The best arch support sandals should be very lightweight along with superior comfort. With comfortable quality features, sandals with arch support  should be constructed with lightweight materials which can decrease the

Pressure and discomfort when the wearers are walking. A lightweight sandal can offer you the freedom of moving easily as well as the

Comfort to step on. Sole of the sandal is a consideration in this regard. Excellent quality rubber sole provides the best light movement and traction.


Actually getting the best sandal with the best support is very much tough. There are various shoes with various features. And the truth is, the choice, and comfort varies from person to person. Thus to find out the most common and most arch-supportive sandal is quite a time-consuming task. To get sandals with arch support, you may visit some sites. But we try to collapse all the great sandals in one place. Hopefully, you can find your perfect sandals with our reviews. Your benefit is our pleasure. Happy shopping!

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