10 Best Slippers With Arch Support

Do you love to wear slippers that support your foot’s normal alignment on rough outdoor surfaces? Then slippers with arch support are perfect for you. This type of arch support slippers let you have the experience that exact support at your home. Designed with orthopedic technology, they are simply the ideal choice for those who are suffering from arch or heel pain. Though, people know the importance of having the appropriate running shoe but neglect their foot health regarding home footwear.

The maximum number of people at home usually wears on their feet socks, fluffy slippers, or stay bare feet. If you are suffering from foot injuries, and looking for successful rehabilitation then constant support on your arch is very important.

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While outside the home, your orthotics shoes would give support to your foot; but while the shoe is off it won’t make much change to the natural mechanics. As you put some stresses on your body while at home, like walking around, shock absorption of tile as well as hardwood which increases the foot pain or rehabilitation period; so you need house shoes with arch support for healthy feet.

There are so many brands that produce arch support slippers for both men and women. But choosing the best one among a wide range of collections can be mind-blogging. Here, our works begin. Here, we bring to you suitable house slippers with arch support from the best brands.

In the following, we have made a list of the 10 best slippers with arch support.

10 Best Slippers With Arch Support

1. isotoner Women’s Cozy Terry Hoodback Clog Slipper with Soft Memory Foam, Comfort Arch Support, and an Indoor/Outdoor Sole

These house shoes with arch support are manufactured by the professional team of Oberm. This silk made rubbery sole slipper has a comfortable and soft exquisite velveteen lining. It allows your feet to stay dry and relaxed even after a long tiring day. This house slipper also helps to withstand the cold of winter. Its slip resisting rubbery sole protects from slips and falls on dicey surfaces.

The high-quality EVA-made velveteen insole makes the slipper-soft, spongy, and hard to deform so that you can walking on the ground wearing them without discomfort. These bedroom slippers with arch support fit your feet perfectly with its half pack heel design.

These slippers with arch support are suitable for both indoor and outdoor purposes. They are a perfect companion while you are relaxing in your living room or walking outside on snowy or rainy days or walking dogs or other outdoor activities.

These slippers come in different sizes that fit both men and women with ensuring good quality and service for the users. Its cloth upper is wide and comfortable and the insole is removable. So you can wash them by hand. These stylish slippers are going to be great for you this winter.


  • Warm and comfortable
  • Slip-resisting construction
  • Removal insole
  • Soft and spongy
  • Best for indoor and outdoor
  • Very easy to take on and off


  • Might be a little warm
  • Heavyweight
  • Unsuitable for washing machine

2. ISOTONER Men’s Terry Moccasin Slipper

men’s slipper with arch supportExperience the smart, stylish, and functionally designed ISTONER Men’s Terry Moccasin slipper that is made of 100% textile and imported rubber sole. This premium micro terry moccasin slipper in slip-on is designed with a closed back and offers both indoor and outdoor support. This men’s slipper with arch support allows molds to your foot’s shape with memory foam for a custom fit.

This slipper gives you comfortable walking by absorbing impact for arch support with its multilayer EVA heel cushion. You get skid-resistant suction with the durable rubber outsole. These house shoes with arch support are suitable for men of all lifestyles and ages. It is best to use indoors from sofa to store due to its versatile slipper transitions.

These arch-support slippers are easy to maintain as you can wash them with cool water in the machine. The best part of these slippers is they are equipped with gel-infused memory foam that regulates the foot temperature by preventing overheating and keeping cool your feet.

You can choose your type from a wide variety of styles like clogs, slip-on, and mocs with long-lasting soles. You can also utilize these slippers for your outdoor purposes like a short trip to the store or mailbox. These versatile slippers, from 100 years experienced manufacturer will lead you to feel complete with your feet attire.


  • Durability with comfort.
  • Easy to care
  • Machine washable
  • Prevents your feet from overheating
  • Can use at both indoor/outdoor


  • Have to keep away from heat and dry flat
  • Might create sound while stepping on the hard floor.

3. RockDove Men’s Hearthfire Memory Foam Moc Slipper

If you are looking for a slipper that provides you utmost comfort then the RockDove slipper is all you need. This men’s slipper with arch support is manufactured with high durability memory foam cushions that give you a feeling with your every single step that there is a pillow below your feet. In spite of, all day walking or standing, your regular foot pains got soothed with minor arch support.

These house shoes with arch support lead you to switch in your comfort zone once you get home. While walking downstairs, it’s fully closed back sustains them in the place. They turn into instant foot warmer with plush fleece on cold winter days.

No more worries for getting slipped on hardwood or smooth tiles with its natural anti-skid hard sole with sports traction. These slippers can be used outside, to walk the dog, or to fetch paper in the morning, or mail without the hazard of switching your footwear. They are easy to maintain due to their full machine launderable fleece and microsuede. You can choose from the variety of sizes available in RockDove.

These slippers have a multilayered foam structure at each of their heart- durable memory foam pressure, a supportive layer, and an EVA foam that absorbs impact. These bedroom slippers with arch support offer you a “sweet spot” comfort level by ensuring the highest comfort.


  • Durable and comfortable
  • 100% machine washable
  • Prevents slipping or falls
  • Soothes regular foot pain
  • Sustains on feet while walking downstairs


  • At first, may feel snug

4. KUBUA Slippers for Men and Women Indoor House Shoes Plush Slip on Outdoor Garden Loafer

Ladies, you can start your beautiful daily life with ASLISA cozy cotton slippers. When getting home after a long tiring day, all you need is relaxation. But walking barefoot on your hard floors doesn’t do any favor to your poor feet.

You can give your feet love with comfortable and soft loafer slippers. These women’s slippers with arch support are stylish in appearance, come in different colors, fashionable and lavish. With being very attentive to the product’s workmanship, the quality is good.

With fixed shape, these slippers are hard to deform, comparatively suitable for the human feet’s streamline. While you are walking or doing something else it is hard to slide. No matter whenever or wherever bring warmth to your feet for winter.[irp]

These supportive slippers for women are eco-friendly and manufactured of thermoplastic waterproof rubber sole that provides you with slip-resistant protection. The sole material avoids a peculiar smell. You can easily clean this up by scrubbing insoles and upper, then keep it in the sun to dry and get rid of the smell. Moreover, the antiskid house shoes with arch support are designed so fashionably that you can carry it outside for just a walk leisurely, or go to the mailbox. These are the perfect home slippers or can be ideal holiday gifts.

The ASLISA cotton slippers are perfect for you due to their cotton insole that allows adapting perfectly to your feet. If you compare it to traditional slippers, you will find this as more soft and comfortable. The best part is these slippers’ end is solid, reliable, and seam crafted which makes them hard to crack. You can have any size of these smart slippers that suit your feet.


  • Easy maintenance
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Durable and comfortable
  • Non-slip and fashionable


  • Might leave marks on the floor.
  • Might feel uncomfortable with winter socks due to their narrow fitting.

5. Orthofeet Asheville Most Comfortable Arch Support Diabetic Mens Orthopedic Brown Leather Slippers

arch support slippersOrthofeet Asheville Men’s Slippers shoes provide a non-binding relaxed fitting, anatomical arch support, and utmost protection to your pressure joints. With the ergonomic and cushioning sole, this premium orthotic insole offers to enhance stability, softening step, and facilitating natural foot motion. These slippers are meant for neuropathy, arthritis, diabetes, plantar fasciitis, metatarsalgia, pronation, bunions, Morton’s neuroma, hammertoes, and corns.

These men’s slippers with arch support are designed with the best therapeutic features by using its biochemical expertise. These house shoes with arch support are referred to as the world’s best walking shoes, most comfortable shoes, diabetic shoes, therapeutic shoes, orthopedic shoes, flat feet shoes, extra wide shoes.

These slippers are also equipped to get reduce ball of heel pain, foot pain, arch pain, low back pain, knee pain, and to improve comfort for arthritic, diabetic, and sensitive feet. Its wide and deep toe box design allows the foot to spread out for added comfort naturally and relax.

The Easy Gait – Ortho- Cushion System with air cushioning and lightweight of these men’s slippers with arch support adds spring to your step. For having a comfortable walk and pain-free each step you take, all you need these biomechanically engineered slippers. Foam padded seam-free interior lining diminishes pressure points and provides superior protection for sensitive feet.


  • Enhances comfort and alleviates paint the foot, heel, knee, hips, or lower back
  • Adds spring to your steps by softening them.
  • Enhances stability
  • Help in facilitating foot motion
  • Provides comfortable walking


  • May not last for a long time.
  • Foam materials are not so good.

6. Spenco Men’s Supreme Slipper

house shoes with arch supportIn the evening let’s settle down with an agreeable Spenco Supreme Slippers’ pair. The nylon exterior and soft suede complement the cushioning insole to make the appropriate footwear for lounging hours. Moreover, these house slippers with arch support nurture cozy heat inside the slipper to peasant keep your feet toasty through all morning and night.

These slippers are made of 100% Faux Fur and Leather and have a synthetic sole. These Orthotic grade arch support slippers have deep heel cupping and from arch shaft measures approximately low-top. For alleviating forefoot pressure, it has a Metatarsal Dome. It also consists of non-marking as well as a non-slip outsole. With ultra-fresh Antimicrobial treatment, these men’s house slippers with arch support help controlling odor.

To reduce discomfort due to collapsed arches, rolling steps, and plantar fasciitis; these Orthotic arch support and heel cup consisting of slippers are the best choices. Your toes are allowed to wiggle as well as breathe for the spacious forefoot. These men’s house slippers with arch support are available in 7-14, men’s full sizes.  This pair of amazing slippers includes the effective EVA footbed as well as Spenco’s TOTAL SUPPORT features. These are attractive, comfortable, and true as described in real.


  • High level of support and comfort
  • Light-weighted and durable
  • No bacterial odor comes
  • Non-marking and non-slip
  • Attractive and true to its size


  • There is a very little cushion in the heel
  • Might not be appropriate for the warmer season.

7.ULTRAIDEAS Men’s Memory Foam Slippers with Cozy Fleece Lining, Closed Back House Slippers with Anti-Skid Rubber Sole

To fit in with your active lifestyle, grab a new pair of

ULTRAIDEAS Men’s Memory Foam Slippers

especially for autumn or winter. These slippers are made of suede and Faux Fur lining with rubber sole. You will available US standard sizes from 8 to 14 (medium width). With the 5mm memory formed layer, 5mm high elasticity sponged layer, 7mm EVA cushioned layer, it gives you perfect sufficient support and decreases foot stress.

They have soft TPR anti-slip that provides you safety and security while footing on any hard surface.  Also, the high-quality sole is suitable to wear on maximum cold occasions. You will get thick and stable support with high-durable gel-infused memory foam for lasting comfort that molds to your feet including playing with your babies or cooking in the kitchen.

It contains efficient pads that are specially equipped arch support cushions to relax pain and pressure related to tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, arthritis, and other variety of arch problems. Always making the slippers in appropriate shape is its smooth and anti-wrinkle Suede made vamp. The inner lining made of long faux fur keeps your feet cool and lessens muscle fatigue.


  • Provides enough support and decreases foot stress
  • Ensures safe and secure footing
  • Long-lasting and comfortable
  • Relieves arch pain
  • Anti-slip and high quality


  • Cannot wear in damp weather
  • The insole is not removal

8. Vionic Women’s Relax Slipper

men’s house slippers with arch supportVionic Relax Women’s Slipper keeps your toes free as well as the soles supported along with classic, relaxing and adjustable slipper. These supportive slippers women’s are made of 100% leather and rubber sole. They are equipped with faux fur and paddy terry for extreme cuddliness.

With the design of a raised toe bar, these slippers sustain the normal gripping motion of your feet, aiding circulation and exercising the legs. By creating a custom footbed the slippers will mold to your foot shape with suede line and a contoured footbed that cradles and supports at your every step. The footbed is eco-fresh with antibacterial, odor resistance material.[irp]

Your foot health is maintained 100% renewable and sustainably with anatomically correct cork footbed. It is lightweight due to the flexible EVA outsole. With lasting, durability provides shock-absorbing support, decreases stress on feet, knees, and ankles. These women’s slippers with arch support offer regular support as a home-wear.

After a long day, these bedroom slippers with arch support are exactly what you deserve to make relaxed your tired feet in the relax slippers’ plush softness. These slippers are available in the whole women’s sizes from 3 to 9. For experiencing great comfort, Vionic footwear is just what you need.


  • Classic and adjustable
  • Light-weighted and shock absorbing
  • Long-lasting and durable
  • Relieves foot pain, knee pain, and ankles pain
  • Comfortable and supportive


  • For narrower feet, this style is not suitable.
  • Not suitable for commercial dry cleaning or machine washing.

9. Onmygogo Women Coral Fleece House Slippers with Arch Support

bedroom slippers with arch supportOnmygogo completely understands what our feet tolerate all day long through hard works. That is why their products are best in quality and offer their customers comfortable footwear so they can enjoy a perfect life at home relaxing on their feet. The Onmygogo Women Coral Fleece house slippers with arch support are made of 100% polyester and soft coral fleece and the platform is measured approximately 1″.

The soft plush slipper upper resembles as there are two cute bunnies on your feet with its classic coral fleece upper. You will surely find the appropriate pair for you as these fur thong slippers come inns.

These supportive slippers women’s keep your feet surrounded by the ultra-cozy fleece fabric that allows you to feel as walking on a cloud. The design of this open-toe slipper gives more space to your toes without letting them getting wet which is good compared to other scuff slippers. These slippers with arch support are equipped with arch support on the sole-shape. Every moment you walk in these arch support slippers, your poor feet are getting rest and the pain and fatigue due to hard work are recovering.

You can use these no matter wherever you are going like spa, or in your bedroom, or even go for fetching the newspaper, these women’s slippers with arch support do a perfect job for you.


  • Lovely and stylish
  • Arch supportive function
  • Recover feet from pain and fatigue
  • Thick and durable enough with comfort
  • Soft and healthy to skin and anti-slip


  • It would be best if not wash in a machine
  • Might get mashed down

10.ULTRAIDEAS Women’s Memory Foam Flip Flop Slippers with Cozy Terry Lining, Moisture-Wicking Open Toe Slip On Spa Thong Sandals Mules, Ladies’ House Shoes with Indoor Outdoor Anti-Skid Hard Rubber Sole

If you are searching for real soothing comfort then the ULTRAIDEAS Comfort Memory Foam Plush Gridding Velvet Slip-on Thong Slippers are just what you want. To perfectly snug your feet and sustain cushy with dryness, it is an ideal combination of newly breathable plush gridding upper joining with 3 layers of improved paddling.

These supportive slippers women’s have a light-weighted, waterproof, and durable rubber sole for indoor and also can use outside moderately. You get real stability with the anti-skid construction in the bottom and also prevent getting scratch on your floor while lounging at your house.

These house shoes with arch support are available in different sizes including small, medium, large, and extra-large which start from 5 to 12. You can select as per your test of color among Navy Blue, Gray, and Pink. These stylish and lavish slippers fit maximum standard and wider foot sizes due to the multitude of sizes and wide upper design.

For eliminating the fatigue after a lot of hard work the ULTRAIDEAS plush gridding velvet thong slippers are perfect indoor footwear. Its sole which tactfully clogs designed offers you sufficient support while you slip them on. You will get addicted to the awesome soothing comfort by wearing them to the spa or post-bath.


  • Keeps feet cushy but also dry the entire day
  • Waterproof, durable, and light-weighted
  • Slip-resistant sole for indoor use
  • Reduces foot pain and fatigue
  • Create a solid and reliable experience while using them


  • Not so much suitable for outside use
  • May get flattened out pretty quickly

Criteria to Evaluate The Best Slippers With Arch Support

Best brands are dedicated to supplying the best slippers with arch support to the customers. But it is also important for you to realize how much our feet get tortured through the hard-working of the entire day wearing painful heels and uncomfortable shoes. What you should do is nothing but to find out the best comfortable house footwear for you, which helps you to relax completely and let enjoy a quality life at home.

Buying the right kind of slippers with arch support is an investment in your foot health. Perhaps, the most essential structural feature is arch support for slippers which can withstand 200,000 to 300,000 lbs of pressure every mile we walk.  But how do you find arch support slippers that fit on your feet properly and provide sufficient support, without tumbling prey to the marketing claims of manufacturers and shoe stores that may have no scientific base?[irp]

The funny thing is that most people choose to wear foot attires that are close to their own feet shape. A maximum number of women are likely to wear narrower foot attires than the width of their feet which causes foot pain.

The statistics show that about 9 in 10 women wear footwear that is too small and painful. But at home, you must want to have slippers in hand that are comfortable, low-heeled, and relieves your chronicle foot pain caused by wearing fancy, high-heeled shoes at casual gatherings or at the office.

Here we have marked several points that you should follow while buying house shoes with arch support.

Arch Support Feature

Slippers that feature arch support have benefits of wearing like providing balance and support, creating a good foundation, offering comfort, reliving foot pains and so many; while purchasing slippers one should make sure if the slipper holds the arch support function.  And those who don’t have any foot problems can also have arch support slippers regarding more comfort.

Good one worth the value

If you can afford it, then go for the quality rather than thinking of how pricey they are. Remember, good things come with a certain value. Many manufacturers now a day’s offer slippers that are both fashionable and cozy. They are specially promoted with air bubbles, composite materials like polyurethane, PVC for giving more cushioning support.

Listen What Your Feet Say

The tagline of buying the guide for arch support slippers is to listen and trust what your feet say to you while you put them on the footwear. No need to go with the manufacturer’s marketing hype. Look into the sole if it provides enough cushioning while walking on tiles or hardwood. Check on their steadiness while you are walking down the stairs. If you feel comfortable and easy at that wear then you should go with this.

Do they slip?

Slippers are very essential in winter as well as the rainy season. Look your arch supported slippers are slip resistance.

Warm and Comfortable

The house shoes with arch support should be warm and cozy that keeps your feet warm in the cold weather and also don’t feel you hot in the summer.

Quality Of the Slipper

Check on the materials that have been used to manufacture the slipper. Those indicate the durability and high quality of the product. So you can use that for a long period of time.

Moreover, before purchasing you should check on the soles of the slipper if they are enough sturdy to protect from sharp objects. While buying slippers try to feel the slipper’s inner body if they contain any seams, tags or any other material that may cause blisters or just irritate you.

The FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. Who needs these slippers with arch support?

People who are suffering from foot pain or having a biomechanical complaint or walking imbalances due to flat feet, knee pain, heel pain, and shin pain; do need the arch support slippers.

Q. Can you stay on the arch support slippers during the daily activities?

The house shoes with arch support are basically for those who stand or walk all day long, especially women. You can wear them during your daily activities if you are suffering from foot pain as these slippers are able to reduce the pain. Moreover, the insole of these slippers is perfect for overweight persons, as it helps to restrain the extra pressure being forced on the feet while standing and working.

Q. What conditions may get help through the arch support slippers?

The bedroom slippers with arch support help in Heel Pain, Ankle Sprains, Flat Feet, Arch Pain, Tendonitis, Neuroma, Top of the foot pain, Knee Pain, Shin Pain, Toe Pain. Also, get rid of foot and leg pain and posture problems.

Q. Where Can I buy the house shoes with arch support?

Usually, you can buy them from Orthotic shops. As online shopping is a popular way today, you can buy the arch support slippers from online shops like

Q. Does it take time to adjust to the house slippers with arch support?

You will gradually get used to it as per your biomechanical position, probably within the very first 48 hours of using the house slippers with arch support.

Final Verdict:

Slippers with arch support that take the strain off your fascia ligament and for plantar fasciitis are must-haves for a high level of comfort, for eliminating the pain while walking barefoot at your home, and for arch support.

They are essential for you if you’re a bit overweight, flat-footed, train too robustly, or having high arches that are contributing discomfort in your heels and inflammation in your feet. Adapting the habit of using bedroom slippers with arch support is undoubtedly a long-time commitment.

These fully supportive house shoes with arch support are one of the best routines to follow if you want to go without taking any painkillers or having a visit to the physical therapist. As the taste and selection differ from man to man, it is quite obvious that expectations and taste about slippers will also vary. You can choose your perfect one from the wide collection but do not forget to check on their manufacturing quality.

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