Best Women’s Tennis Shoes 

15 Best Women’s Tennis Shoes

15 Best Women’s Tennis Shoes

15 Best Women’s Tennis Shoes 

15 Best Women’s Tennis Shoes

The vast majority wear regular sneakers on the tennis court in a recurrent manner. It is a usual practice among those who do not play tennis on regular basis. For all those who have been mastering their serve, these sneakers do not work well. Tennis shoes should support the movement of your foot in 360 degrees as this game requires a lot of side-to-side movements.  If you have also been facing issues with your regular sneakers while playing tennis then this post is to assist you.

Qualities in perfect tennis shoes

There are several points that should be kept in mind while finding a perfect shoe for yourself. We are going to discuss all of them one by one here.

  • Secure fit

If you are a player, you are more prone to injuries. So, to reduce injuries and prevent all the other foot problems, fit plays an important role. Even doctors have advised regular players to choose shoes that have the most secure fitting in order to avoid severe injuries in the future.

  • Lightweight

The lightweight shoe material will drive your energy efficiency toward the top. It will maintain safety and performance. The weight reduction in your foot acts well in boosting the energy of the player on the tennis court. Indirectly, it states that the lighter the shoe weight, the more will be your running time. It will assist you in quick and smooth direction changes. It can reduce fatigue and provides maximum support for good walking and running experience.

  • Heel and Ankle support

The tennis shoes are designed with good traction and aim at supporting your feet through lateral movements. These shoes have to be designed with much emphasis on heel cushioning and forefoot. This heel and ankle support adsorbs the impact of all foot movements. If you choose the wrong shoes for tennis then in the end you might have shin splints, therefore cushioning is important for your foot support.

  • Stability

The stability in tennis shoes has some extra features. These features include a reduction in foot pronation and alignment support for the leg. The shoes that are stable work best for endurance players. It would be more effective so as to increase muscle strength. It will release inward rolling of a runner’s feet after impact coming on the ground.

  • Comfortable fit

If you wear comfortable shoes, it will yield significant health benefits to you. Wearing inappropriate footwear will cause several health issues directly on the feet. To enjoy your sound, you should find shoes that have a comfortable fit.

  • Wide fit

The width of your shoe plays an important role in maintaining your feet’ comfort level and proper health. If you wear shoes that are so tight, it is going to give you immense pressure and friction on your feet. This will eventually lead to many foot problems. Therefore, wid is highly important for your shoes.

Best Tennis Shoes for Women

Describing the best tennis shoes for women would be unfair if we do not include the categories like comfort, wide feet, level of response, and overall performance. Therefore, we will discuss each category of tennis shoes with their benefits and product features.

1.   Asics Women’s Gel-Resolution 8 Tennis Shoes

This pair of shoes from Asics provides excellent stability with high toe durability. This shoe supports a responsive stride with giving a closet the court feel. It is made with the integration of Dynawall technology that provides stability in lateral movements. The price of the product ranges from $77.99 to $234.28.  It is available in all sizes with a wide range of colors.


  • It has an impact guidance system on the natural gait of the foot from heel-strike to toe-off.
  • The shoe has a flexion fir upper that provides form-fitting comfort without sacrificing support.
  • There is a lightweight midsole that has enhanced cushioning and durability.
  • These shoes have synthetic and mesh with a PGuard toe protector.
  • Along with these features, it has a personal heel fit containing layers of memory foam.


So, as you read about so many features that relate to the comfort of women, it is clear that the reviews are good.

2.   Mizuno Women’s Cave Exceed Tour 4 All Court Tennis Shoe

This product from Mizuno is lighter faster and provides more stability. It consists of well-equipped ultra-weight sole and also d flex groove in the midfoot. This sole allows one to turn and accelerate with high power. The price range of the shoe varies from $120 to $125. It comes in different sizes and in different colors.


  • It has a rubber sole and parallel wave that offers perfect cushioning along with energy dispersion.
  • It is a durable shoe with an exceedingly lightweight midsole that has material with excellent comfort and resilience properties.
  • The cushioning material absorbs shock and will keep this transition smooth.
  • This shoe has superior cushioning with a flexible fit in order to provide comfort and stability in the middle of a tennis match.

Reviews: The reviews of the product are positive and it provides comfort and stability.

Mizuno Women’s Wave Exceed Tour 4 All Court Tennis Shoe

3.  Adidas Men’s Adizero Ubersonic 4 Tennis Shoe

Along with style and class, this shoe appeals to boasting some of the highest performance technology. This technology includes torsion midsole support, a durable outsole, and critical ankle stability. The product absorbs and returns more of an athlete’s output. The shoe is available in two different colors along with all the sizes. The price of the shoes varies from $70 to $113.


    • The material of the shoe is textile.
    • It has a leather and rubber sole.
    • It covers the court with agility.

  • Since it is for clay surfaces so it has a breathable mesh upper.
  • This mesh upper is responsible for offering an ideal fit.
  • On the other hand, the lightweight chassis of the shoe enhances stability.
  • For the consistent footing, it consists of a durable outsole whenever the game is in clay.

Reviews: It shows great stability on the court and has a suitable design for clay court.


4.  Adidas Women’s Grand Court 2.0 Tennis Shoe

This shoe is responsible for featuring a high-profile design that has a flexible fit upper and solyte midsole material. This midsole material provides lightweight cushioning and quicker response. The price range varies from $30 to $130. It comes in various colors and is available in all sizes.


  • The material of the product is mesh and synthetic.
  • The construction of the shoe is lightweight that is optimized for speed.
  • This will make your foot feel extra during a long rally.
  • It has a full foot cushioning system and midsole support.
  • It provides high durability, excellent traction, great support, etc.

Reviews: It is a great tennis shoe for clay courts with high comfort and stability. These shoes work great for hard surfaces.

5.  Nike Women’s Tennis Shoe

This Nike court lite tennis shoe combines leather and meshes upper along with a Phylon midsole. It provides durable comfort and stability. These are budget-friendly shoes with a heavy-duty sole. This GDR outsole provides lasting traction on the hard-court surfaces. The price range of the shoe varies from $50 to $129. It is available in all sizes and comes in one color.


  • The material of this shoe is leather and synthetic.
  • It has a shaft that measures approximately low to top from the arch.
  • The combination of upper materials is for durability and comfort.
  • There is a mesh tongue that is capable of enhancing breathability.
  • GDR Outsole would provide you durable traction.

Reviews: For this product customer review ratings are excellent. People are loving this product throughout the world. It is exactly what a tennis layer would need for playing on the court.

6.   Wilson RUSH PRO 3.0 Tennis Shoes Women

The Wilson’s flagship shoe has come for stability and the desire for this product was for ultimate performance. The Rush Pro 3.0 works for providing high stability along with high support chassis. Thus, the structure of this product control deceleration and fosters propulsion for making aggressive moments. The price range of this shoe varies from $60 to $172. IT comes in four different colors but in all sizes.


  • It contains a rubber sole along with a 4D support structure.
  • So, these shoes limit torsion and control pivot movements.
  • Since it controls pivot movements, therefore, also helps in powerful strokes that create superior stability.
  • The endofit in the shoe is responsible for enhancing comfort, stability, and intuitive fit.
  • It also has some special features for women’s foot structure.
  • So, it gives cushioning court feel.

Reviews: The reviews from customers are really satisfactory as it provides high support and good fit.

7. Adidas Women’s Asmc Barricade Boost 2017 Tennis Shoe

Now if we have now come to discuss Adidas tennis shoes, then there must be something innovative. These shoes have a counter-attacking style of play. It is built on boosting energy and supporting cushioning which is going deep into the three-set. The lightweight TPU foil that reduces abrasion in the high-pressure area provides heightened stability. It is available in all sizes and in different colors.


  • It has material made of mesh synthetic and sole made of rubber.
  • It can boost features of the midsole with energy-returning properties in order to keep every step filled with light, quick, and endless energy.
  • The rubber outsole works at delivering a multidirectional grip that makes the shoe long-lasting on abrasive courts.
  • It has distinctive heel cushioning.

Reviews: This pair of shoes is one of the most recommended tennis shoes and this is because these are comfortable, great looking and wide enough.

8.   Nike Women’s Air Zoom Vapor X Tennis Shoes

This favorite tennis star has a dynamic fit system that is adaptable to the shape of your foot, therefore, giving you a comfortable experience. You won’t slip around in these shoes even on the hardcourt. It is a perfect combination of a supportive full-length frame along with responsive cushioning.  The price range of the shoe varies from $100 to $287. It comes in different varieties of colors and sizes.


  • The shoe has a bast sole and padded collars.
  • These padded collars are responsible for providing additional comfort.
  • Rubber sole near the toe enhances durability and protection from drag.
  • The zoom air unit allows cushioning with every swing.

Reviews: The product is legit and of high quality. Along with that, the shoes are lightweight and comfortable.  It does great traction and stability on the court.

9.   Prince Women’s T22 Tennis Shoes

The shoe has a heavy-duty rubber outsole that provides a durability guarantee. Therefore, you will not lose traction. It is flexible enough to let you work with your body movement. It has ventilation for enhancing breathability. The price of the product is $89 while it comes in a white and silver color combination. It is available in all sizes to the customers.


  • The material of the shoe is synthetic and mesh with a sole made of rubber.
  • It has unmatched durability and also, increased mid foot stability in order to support.
  • It has a toe cap that is capable of providing abrasion protection and the midsole absorbs impact.
  • The outsole tread pattern which is present is specifically for hard courts giving the perfect amount of grip.

Reviews: The product gives a perfect fit with high support and comfort. It feels like an orthopedic shoe as it provides high support to the foot.

10.                New Balance 896v2 Hard Court Tennis Shoe

New Balance with this pair of shoes is featuring a breathable mesh upper and midsole cushioning in order to provide an excellent experience on the court while playing tennis. The design of the shoe will definitely make you feel ultra-light on your feet. The price range of this amazing product varies from $29 to $142. It is available in seven different color patterns and in all sizes.


  • The material of the shoe is 100 percent synthetic and rubber.
  • It offers full-length endurance.
  • It has a herringbone outsole.
  • The shoe also has a removable insert in it.
  • The product has a fairly low arch that requires zero time for a break-in.
  • It has a little wide area around the toe.
  • The shoes will protect your foot against ankle rolling.

Reviews: It is a nice court shoe for outdoor tennis game. The product fits great and provides ample support.

11.                Adizero Club 2 Tennis Shoe

These tennis shoes from Adizero keeps your foot clean. The material of the product is 100 percent synthetic. It is best made for fast and aggressive players. It has  Climacool to provide 360-degree cooling for the entire foot. The players can definitely understand the struggle of finding a tennis shoe that would not overheat from the heavy-duty friction and construction. It is available in all sizes and in two different color patterns.


  • The material of the product is 100 percent synthetic.
  • It has an imported rubber sole.
  • The shoe has a women-specific fit.
  • It has an air mesh upper that contributes to maximum breathability.
  • TPU here is for support and high durability.
  • It has abrasion-resistant Adituff wraps in the toe area. This actually protects the foot again drag that occurs during serves and lateral movement.

Reviews: This product is great also for pickleball. The shoe is a light, comfortable, and stable shoe. It has additional support for quick stops, starts, and tennis turns.

12.               Babolat Women’s Jet Mach II All Court Tennis Shoes

This Babolat jet Mach II tennis shoe is so versatile and supportive that it would not ever disappoint you. The shoe is lightweight and breathable and the upper is made with polyamide fiber that gives additional support. The compressor system insole makes it comfortable during matches and in training. The price of the product ranges from $69 to $140. It comes in three different patterns and in all sizes.


  • The shoe has a rubber sole. It works best for hard and clay courts.
  • The polyamide fibers aim at providing lightweight support and protection.
  • Active flexion and Michelin outsole provide excellent rebound with a very aerodynamic design.
  • This design is ideal for players to give their feet a comfortable experience.

Reviews: The shoe has a beautiful design with high comfort and quality. The customers feel it is the best deal at a reasonable price.

  1. K-Swiss Women’s Hyper court Express Tennis Shoe

This amazing product from K Swiss has won the heart of its customers. If your game is on rising, you are surely going to love it. It provides all-day comfort and keeps the foot in perfect position. This quality helps in a hectic schedule of multiple tennis matches. The price range of the shoe varies from $79.95 to $110. It comes in a large number of color patterns and is available in all sizes.


  • The material of the product is synthetic and rubber.
  • It has a textile collar lining.
  • The drag guard rubber and Aosta rubber outsole and lace closure are among the best qualities of the shoe.
  • It has a design that would fit any wide feet.
  • It provides a comfortable experience for the whole day at your tennis court.

Reviews: The reviews of this hyper court express are amazing. It is a perfect fit and comes with arch support. So, you can try it without bothering about the comfort and size.

14.                New Balance Fresh Foam LAV Women’s Tennis Shoes

With this shoe, New Balance is featuring a breathable mesh upper and midsole cushioning. It offers superior comfort at the time of playing tennis that you are surely going to love the experience. The shoe has a perfect design to help you feel ultralight on your feet.  The price range of the shoe varies from $26 to $143. It comes in different color patterns and is available in all sizes.


  • The material of this product is synthetic and it has an imported rubber sole.
  • It consists of full-length endurance and a herringbone outsole.
  • It has a synthetic mesh upper that provides breathability and durability to the shoe.

Reviews: The customers have always been feeling happy with the fit and wear of New Balance shoes. Therefore, this product owns the heart of the majority of customers.

  • 15 .HEAD Women’s Sprint Pro 3.0 Tennis Shoe

This sprint pro tennis shoe is the perfect combination of comfort and lightweight. It takes the durability and cushioning level support to the next level making it perfect for tennis players to use it on the court. It works superbly well for all those tennis players who are looking for something out of the box. The reason is its speed. It doesn’t let the player compromise with the speed of the shoe on the tennis court and eventually gives a perfect experience. The price of this women’s sprint pro-3. tennis shoe is $99. It comes in all sizes and in a white classy pattern.


  • The shoe has a rubber sole.
  • It is lightweight, has breathable mesh and sock construction.
  • Other than this, it also consists of a triangle lacing strap and TPU heel counter.
  • It has a midsole that is low to the ground with minimal heel-to-toe support.
  • The outsole has a hybrid tread for different kinds of tennis surfaces and durability zones for hard courts.
  • It also has tread zones to make a perfect grip on the surface.

Reviews:  You can definitely try this hoe for an amazing experience on the tennis court.


This post revolves around making you aware of the best tennis shoes available in order to improve our experience on the court. All the shoes listed here are among the top listed tennis shoes that work to give you a comfortable, light-weight, and breathable experience. You can check each of them and realize the advantage of each shoe and then choose the shoes that fit all your necessities.

In the above list, we have included shoes that give more strength, good for a wide fit, the best stability, and the overall performers on the court. Just decide your need and choose accordingly for a customized experience. Hope this post helps in making a perfect choice of tennis shoes for yourself.


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