10 Most Comfortable Sandals

A long time ago, men didn’t use any kind of footwear. In the past, they were away barefoot in any circumstances. But they have fallen different types of problems and injuries for that reason. With the advance of modern civilization, men create footwear to move comfortably and safely. People nowadays seek not only comfort and support with footwear, but also look for style and fashion. The most comfortable sandal can deliver you the most flexible moving. So you should wear comfortable sandals all the time.

In this article, we want to focus on the most comfortable sandals. People most of the time search for these types of sandals. A comfy sandal makes your time comfier by removing your concern about the pain of your feet or something related to your feet. We also list the sandals which are sandals for walking. From the thousands of sandals, we make our recommendations for the most comfortable sandals with researching, customer reviews, sandals’ price, features, and also with quality.

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Most Comfortable Sandals for Men & Women

1. KEEN Women’s SOLR Toe Post Flip Flop Water Sandal

If you are looking for the best comfortable sandals, then the first sandal we list is Toesox Women’s Serena Five Toe Sandal. They are very much comfortable sandals for walking, for Yoga, for Surf and Beach as well as a Casual look also. They are really great for Comfort.

These sandals are designed to keep your toes practicing with comfortable and flexible movement. The fabric strap with accented stitching of this sandal covers a soft neoprene under. These fabric straps create a stylish look for others. This strap also combines comfort as well as fashion for an ultimately effortless style.

These best walking sandals are casual flip-flops that can provide you with easy passing with ultimate comfort. The footbed of this sandal cradles the heel for proper positioning. This footbed also delivers proper support which is made to last through all of your adventures.
This sandal is super soft and squishy. For having a YOGA MAT footbed and soft neoprene toe posts, it becomes the most comfortable sandals for women. It has a durable rubber outsole, PU Strap, Synthetic textile posts, and PU insole. EVA midsole of this sandal makes you more stable in your outing adventures as well as indoor activities.

They are a hygienic alternative to bare feet which keeps you safe and secure from different bacterial attacks. For all the features it has, most of the customers said about these sandals that, they are the comfortable walking sandals


  • Keep your toes practicing
  • Increased foot health and balance
  • Additional support and stability.
  • Featuring a soft leather yoga mat footbed
  • Covers a soft neoprene under-strap


  • Sometimes may feel small and narrow
  • Size may vary

2. Birkenstock Arizona – Leather (Unisex)

These most comfortable sandals are much popular in the market and among customers. They are the most comfortable sandals as well as the best walking sandals. They offer some amazing quality, features, and functionality. Birkenstock Arizona Soft Footbed Leather Sandal is the name of a scandal that rules the whole market with great fame.

The sandal is made of leather. And all of us know that leather materials are the most comfortable materials. The sandal has a synthetic sole. Synthetic sole makes a sandal more durable and delivers the proper stability to the wearer. This Classic two-strap sandal has the ability to make a stylish look and secure fit for the wearer.

The signature anatomical footbed of this sandal offers extra care for your feet. They are comfortable sandals for walking with this special footbed. The dual adjustable buckles of this sandal are perfect for walking. They give the perfect fitting while your whole body is moving so much.

There are around 35 designs and colors available for these best walking sandals. And this is amazing and attractive for stylish people. If you want comfortable walking sandals with a stylish look, this Birkenstock Arizona Soft Footbed Leather Sandal is perfect for you.

But they are a little bit expensive for their amazing features of them. So you also should remember these things. But we think the price can fulfill your demand for the most comfortable sandals.


  • Synthetic sole
  • Classic two-strap sandal
  • Signature anatomical footbed
  • Traction EVA outsole
  • Dual adjustable buckles


  • Highly expensive
  • Runs larger

3. Vionic Women’s Tide Casandra Toe Post Sandals – Supportive Ladies Sandals That Include Three-Zone Comfort with Orthotic Insole Arch Support, Medium Fit Sandals for Women

This product of Vionic is the ultimate pick for this summer. They offer much comfort for walking, running, or any exercise. These best sandals for walking are a kind of extreme comfort. These sandals are imported. We like this sandal because it is a podiatrist created by the company. Vionic with Orthaheel Technology Women’s Julie II Sandal is one of the best choices for women as women’s comfort sandals.

This quintessential summer sandal features construction, shock absorption, and arch support. With the shock absorption quality, this sandal can take care of your foot a lot. You can make yourself protective of the various kind of shock. The inner of the sandal has the capability to minimize the shock and increase your energy at the same time.

This Vionic sandal features a biomechanical orthotic insole. This orthotic insole has arch support to increase the flexibility of your moving. Thus they can become the most comfortable sandals for problem feet. With plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, and other foot problem, you can get the proper support and be comfy with this sandal.

The sandal also has a deep heel cup which lends excellent cushioning and support. It is featuring Orthaheel Technology and Tri-Planar Motion Control. Thus you enjoy your natural motion all the time you wore this amazing sandal.


  • Imported
  • Quintessential summer sandal
  • Gets an upgrade with the VIONIC Julie II
  • Constructed with faux leather
  • Biomechanical orthotic insole


  • Little bit expensive
  • Suit more to wide feet

4. Naot Women’s Kayla Wedge Sandal

comfortable sandals for walkingNaot is a renowned company for sandals. This Naot Women’s Kayla Wedge Sandal is one of the most comfortable sandals. Women like these sandals more.

They are made of 100 percent leather materials. This Sporty open-toe sandal lets you do excessive body movement. It also allows you to maintain your body with the proper energy. It features a Cork and latex-covered suede footbed. This type of footbed is extraordinary for any movement.

The sandal has around 38 designs which are a very delightful thing for choosy and stylish people. You can collect your design and style if you are here. But they are a little bit expensive but more supportive also.


  • 100% Leather
  • The heel measures approximately 1.25″
  • Sporty open-toe sandal
  • Three-strap upper with hook-and-loop
  • Cork and latex-covered suede footbed


  • Highly expensive
  • Size may vary

5. ECCO Men’s Terra 2S Athletic Sandal

comfortable walking sandalsECCO Men’s Terra 2S Athletic Sandal is a sporty sandal supportive enough for walking, running any gaming time. ECCO is a famous brand of sandals that makes supportive and user-friendly footwear for men, women, and children also. They are also popular as the most comfortable men’s sandals.

This men’s sandal features a lightweight molded EVA footbed. This lightweight footbed makes the sandal easy to carry and flexible enough. ECCO adds a soft microfibre cover with this sandal for supreme cushioning along with superior stability. For these qualities, it can become the most comfortable men’s sandals.[irp]

A direct-injected PU midsole of this sandal adds a foam that provides long-lasting also adds outstanding everyday walking comfort. People who exercise regularly like a sandal. It also has a modern athleisure sole which can stem from trail running. With this sandal, they offer ECCO Technology and comfort combined with style. Therefore, stylish people can also collect them with proper support.

But the scandal has only two colors option. This is the bad side of this sandal. And they are expensive too. Make sure that, you have a high budget to collect these sandals. But the price is worth the quality definitely of these most comfortable men’s sandals.


  • Soft nubuck upper
  • Lightweight molded EVA footbed
  • Supreme cushioning and superior stability
  • A direct-injected PU midsole
  • Two-component PU/TPU sole


  • Expensive
  • Not many color options

6. Therafit Shoe Women’s Grace Leather Adjustable Walking Sandal

women's comfort sandalsNow we recommend another women’s comfort sandal named Therafit Shoe Women’s Grace Leather Adjustable Walking Sandal. They are more comfortable for walking. With grace leather, they feature a perfect fitting without any concern whether you have narrow feet or wide feet.

This walking sandal with arch support is excellent for Plantar Fasciitis and other foot problems. You can get that much comfort and support if you have feet with any kind of foot pain or injury. Thus they become the most comfortable sandals for problem feet.

This sandal is made of leather. The padded collar of this sandal provides the wearer with a soft feeling. And adjustable straps make it the perfect year-round Walking Sandal, especially for women. The sandal is also featuring Therafit’s contoured footbed with superior arch support. The deep heel-cups of this sandal stabilize and support what is required for your foot. You can wear it every day and everywhere in any circumstance.

This amazing sandal for foot problems can relieve your arch pain, heel pain, plantar fasciitis as well as pronation. The affected people really like it the most. We think you should make try these sandals if you have a problem with your feet. You may minimize your pain by wearing these sandals.


  • Leather
  • Great for Plantar Fasciitis
  • Designed for optimal support and cushioning
  • Providing you with reliable comfort, protection
  • Superior arch support


  • Size may vary
  • May run small

7. Rockport Men’s Trail Technique Velcro Slide Ii Sandal

Rockport Men’s Darwyn Slide Sandal is a perfect sandal for walking. Rockport is a famous sandal company throughout the world. They serve their products in many countries. It is an American manufacturer of shoes. They are making sandals since 1973. So you can easily guess about their experience in making quality products. They are delivering amazing comfort like women’s comfort sandals. They are designed especially for women with their required support and ease.

The sandal is made of 100% leather. This leather sandal makes a soft feeling when you step on it. This leather upper is easy to clean. And when your sandal gets dirty, you can easily clean them without any dilemma.

This sandal has a Pu outsole. This outsole provides durable shock absorption which can help you to reduce foot fatigue. The sandal with shock absorption is very much comfortable for women who have sweaty feet. The sweat creates a smell that makes you embarrassed in any situation. So sweaty people can get pleasant and tensionless moving with these comfortable walking sandals.

The stitch-down construction of this sandal provides a wide base of support for stability. They give a wearer the proper types of support minimizing the pain and stress of moving. It also features mesh linings that protect moisture and help you to enhance breathability.

But these most comfortable sandals have no available color or design options. People sometimes want a stylish look without getting the best comfort. Then this sandal may not be attracted to them. And some customers said that this sandal looks bulky to them. It depends on the way of thinking. Because a minimal number of customers claim that thing. Definitely, this sandal makes you interested in owning it. Make a hurry.


  • 100% Leather
  • Pu outsole provides durable shock absorption
  • Leather upper is easy to clean
  • Maintain to extend product life
  • A wide base of support for stability


  • Not available color option
  • Looks bulky

8. Crocs Men’s & Women’s Classic Flip Flop Sandal

most comfortable mens sandalsNow we recommend a sandal which can be used by men and women at the same time. Actually, this sandal is a unisex sandal. Crocs Unisex Classic Slide Sandal is a fantastic sandal of Crocs. It offers proper comfort while walking, running, jumping, and some other activities like that. Therefore, we can consider them the best walking sandals. They are enough lightweight, durable, and comfortable for men and women.[irp]

The sandal features some amazing features. Like it has a Croslite sole from Crocs. This sole is a special sole that is designed with its own pattern. The sandal is very lightweight and durable. You can easily move to wear these sandals. The customer says that the crocs Unisex Classic Slide Sandal is a lightweight as well as versatile slide style.

They also added their Croslite foam cushion for extreme comfort. This foam provides a soft and cloudy environment when you go on an outing. Thus they become the most comfortable sandals in the market.

The price rate of these comfort sandals for men and women starts at a low rate to a high rate. For this reason, we think the budget does not become a big deal when you want to buy them. You can collect them according to your budget. Another thing is, it has several color options. So you can make a choice. From this color, you may choose your own sandal.


  • Croslite sole
  • Lightweight versatile slide style
  • Croslite foam cushion
  • Relaxed fit
  • Iconic Crocs Comfort
  • For beach, pool, or beyond


  • May feel too skinny
  • Not so durable


Taos Footwear Women’s Re Do Sandal

Now we list Aetrex Women’s, Celeste Sandal. It also has some qualities to take a position in our review. If we look for the features we see, it has memory foam cushioning for customization and comfort. This memory foam makes you comfy and flexible in your daily movement. They are comfortable sandals for walking in any situation.

They are popular for support, balance as well as alignment. The hidden gore on the instep of this sandal is added to allow extra stretch on your feet. It has anti-microbial technology to keep your feet healthy and clean at the same time.

The lightweight rubber outside of this sandal makes your step more stable and secure. It also makes the sandal durable. We think with the proper size of your feet, you can get them more comfortable.


  • Lynco orthotic footbeds for support
  • Memory foam cushioning for customization
  • Anti-microbial technology
  • Hidden gore on the instep
  • Allow extra stretch


  • Expensive
  • Haven’t many color and design options

10. Teva Men’s Mush II Flip-Flop

comfortable sandals review 2019Teva is one of the most popular brand names in the world of footwear. They lead the market with their quality products and user-friendly features. They provide amazing arch support with the proper breathability. The person that wears the sandal can get the proper air circulation and doesn’t make any sweat.

These most comfortable sandals are made with 100% Canvas or Cotton webbing upper. The materials of this sandal provide a soft and cushion feeling. EVA-foam sole of this sandal offers smooth pavement. They are known as Beach-ready sandals among customers. By wearing these sandals, you can easily pass a beach. Because it has some materials which can support you on the beach and also keep your feet safe from watery bacteria.

It has a Grippy traction outsole. It let you take care of your traction support. These comfortable walking sandals are very cheap. The price rate starts at 17 dollars and ends at 37 dollars. Undoubtedly they are the most affordable sandals in our review. We suggest to collect these sandals and enjoy a pleasant time.


  • 100% Canvas/Cotton webbing upper
  • EVA-foam sole
  • Beach-ready sandal
  • Dual-density EVA midsole
  • Grippy traction outsole


  • Not so supportive
  • Only black color available

The FAQ(Frequently asked questions):

Ques: what are the most comfortable sandals for walking?

Ans: There are different types of sandals available in the market. Most of companies claim that their products are the most comfortable sandals, But people choose some sandals most of the time. Some most comfortable sandals for walking are Munro Pisces Sandal, Birkenstock Arizona Soft Footbed, Teva Mush II, Reef Fanning, OluKai ‘Ohana, etc. They are most of the customer’s favorite walking sandals.

Ques: what are the most comfortable sandals?

Ans: The sandals which have proper support, comfort, cushioning, a supportive footbed, a feature of breathability as well as durability are considered the most comfortable sandals. We recommend some most comfortable sandals in our review. It helps you to collect the best and most comfortable sandals for you. We include the price rate and design of the sandals which can make you advance in choosing your sandal.

Ques: what are the best walking sandals?

Ans: If you are looking for the best walking sandals, then the sandal which has more cushion in the footbed, the midsole, and the insole can be chosen. The sandal for walking should have an energy return technology to keep you strong to move on. The sandal should have proper support in the arch, ankle, and heel also. Considering all the features Munro Pisces Sandal, Birkenstock Arizona Soft Footbed, and Mephisto Helen Sandal are some best walking sandals in the market.[irp]

Ques: are Teva sandals good for walking?

Ans: Of course. Teva sandals are good for walking, running, and any kind of movement. Their motto is, “we improve people’s health through our products.” By their motto, you can guess about their products and quality also. Their shoes are caring for injured people and their feet. They make enough supportive sandals for any age and any profession. And for walking, they have designed some special sandals. For example, Teva Women’s Tirra Athletic Sandal is a good enough sandal for walking.

Ques: what are the most comfortable sandals for women?

Ans: For women the sandals are different. Their body structure is different from men’s. The most comfortable sandals for women are Munro Pisces Sandal, Birkenstock Arizona Soft Footbed, Mephisto Helen Sandal, Born Mai Cuoio, Aerosoles Conclusion, and Clarks Un Haywood. Teva, Keen, Ecco, and Wahabis are some popular brands for making comfortable walking sandals for women.

Ques: what are the most comfortable sandals for men?

Ans: What do you think about the men’s comfortable sandals? Is there any available in the marketplace? Not. There may be available sandals in the market. But all are not the most comfortable. With the customer demand and selling rate, the most comfortable men’s sandals are Teva Mush II, Reef Fanning, OluKai ‘Ohana, Reef PHANTOMS, Teva Terra Fi Lite, and Teva Hurricane XLT. You can get the best comfort and comfy by wearing these sandals.

Ques: What is the best sandal?

Ans: it is a tough question to describe in some words or some sandals. Because it depends from person to person on their regular uses, types of professions, their types of choice, way of moving, etc. But we can recommend some brands who are making some popular and famous sandals for various kinds of people of different ages. The most popular brands that are producing the best sandals are Teva, Rockport, Nike, ECCO, Keen, and Birkenstocks. You should make a trial with their sandals if you do not use their sandal yet.

Ques: Are Birkenstocks good walking sandals?

Ans: 100 percent. Actually, not only walk but also run, play, hunt, hiking; they make amazing sandals as well as shoes. If you are looking for any type of sandal reviews, you can get a single pair of their products most often. They produce different types of sandals with different types of support and flexibility of use. Birkenstock Arizona Soft Footbed Leather Sandal is the most popular sandal of them which are the best sandals for walking.

Criteria for Evaluating The Most Comfortable Sandals

There are various features and criteria for choosing the best sandals for walking. Comfortable walking sandals may contain different types of quality. But the main and mandatory criteria are focused on our writing. In this section of our writing, you can find which criteria you should look for when you are on selecting the most comfortable sandals.


For the most comfort, you have to choose a sandal that cannot make you try to carry the weight of it. That’s why you should collect lightweight sandals for getting the most comfort. Your weight makes your feet try to carry you. And if you add extra weight by wearing heavy sandals, then it will become a waste of your energy. Basically, people wear sandals rather than shoes for the flexibility of moving. That’s why when you are looking for comfortable sandals for walking, they must be lightweight.

Types of support

The support of a sandal is a very important criterion for evaluating comfortable walking sandals. Sandals with arch support, heel support, and ankle support are very much attracted to most people. And people who have foot problem like Achilles tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, or old injuries need these kinds of support as a reliever.


It is more important to have a sandal with proper adjustability. For getting the proper support delivered by a sandal, the fitting should be not so tight or not so loose.
It is important to have a sandal with a perfect fitting which is called adjustable. The more the sandal is adjustable to your feet, the more you can step on easily. When you are looking for the most comfortable men’s sandals or women’s, you should care for the fitting of the individual one. A sandal with a hook closure is preferable for this reason. Otherwise, you should be sure about the size of the sandal from their product list and description.


The versatile design and support make you more comfortable in your working place, your exercise time, and also in your gaming time. Different types of sandals feature different types of foot support. So choosing a versatile sandal is better when you are looking for comfortable walking sandals. It also makes you happy, delightful, and smart in your activities. A sound mind lives in a sound body. That’s why a happy, refreshed mind offers you much better movement in your daily life.


Last but not least, a durable sandal is mandatory for delivering you the most comfort. A regular break-in sandal cannot be a desirable sandal for anyone. Every one of us wants a long-lasting sandal. It is required not only to keep you safe in your way but also to keep you away from falling into any embarrassing situation. Most of us don’t want to face an unfamiliar situation in any place at any time. And for summer, winter, or rainy seasons a durable sandal can make you easy to pass your way off easily. So keep in your mind the durability of the sandal, if you are looking for comfortable walking sandals.

Yes, finally we can assure you that we can make an excellent list of some beautiful and appealing sandals. For getting more comfortable for walking, and proper support for daily activities, we conclude the most comfortable sandals for men and women both in one place. Actually, you can not find the most comfortable sandals ever. But can get the most comfortable and supportive sandals on the market.


Though the choice is varied from person to person, we want to collect different types of sandals for different kinds of people and professions. Hopefully, our recommendation will help you a lot.

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