10 Most Comfortable Slippers

Everyone likes the comfort of a nice and warm slipper under their feet. A slipper will give you comfort on a cold night and help you enjoy the company of your loved ones without feeling cold or chilly down your feet. That is why I have prepared a list of the most comfortable slippers that you can buy in 2019.

I have done the hard part: that is the research and testing so that you don’t have to do it and just pick your favorite slippers from my list and simply buy it from Amazon, knowing that you are buying a quality product. I have also categorized my list to fit different kinds of slippers for different occasions and different settings, such as the best house slippers so that I can offer you a wide variety of choices. I have also made this list to reflect both men’s and women’s slippers so that both genders can find the correct slippers for their individual needs.

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In my list, you will find a wide variety of slippers, some provide a lot of cushion under the feet, and some provide the snug feel that many people like. Whatever may be your style, a good slipper should always be able to provide you with comfort, a good fit, and the ability to take it on or off easily. Keeping these things in mind, I have prepared this list with the top-rated slippers of 2019 so that you don’t have to do the hard work and look for them on your own.

The Most Comfortable Slippers

1. Tamarac by Slippers International Men’s Cody Sheepskin Slipper

most comfortable slippersThe Slippers International Cody is a widely popular slipper that is universally loved by men for its amazing fit and almost shoe-like construction. These slippers take the first spot for their exceptional build quality and durability. It is so durable that you can take these slippers outside or wear them in your bedroom. These slippers are well-designed and one of the best slippers for men currently available in Amazon.

The sole of these slippers are thick and made from a rubbery material. They may be called slippers, but they can be used for many more purposes thanks to the added versatility of these slippers. These slippers have an added inner liner which helps to keep your feet warm and properly insulated. So even in the cold and chilly nights, your feet would be warm and cozy thanks to these slippers. If you were wondering about the comfort factor of these slippers, keep in mind that the sole of these slippers is thick, so it has an added layer of protection from the ground, thereby increasing the comfortability of your feet.

These slippers come with a high price tag, but you can rest assured that your purchase will be worth it as these are one of the best slippers in the industry at the moment.


  • Provides the user with a great fit
  • Thick sole made from rubber for added protection from the elements
  • Made from durable materials
  • Inner layer for added insulation
  • Long lasting slipper


  • High price tag
  • Does not offer half sizes

2. Slippers International Camper

best house slippersThe Slippers International Camper has a simple design and is a lightweight slipper for mostly indoor use and a little outdoor use as well. These slippers are best for indoor use and it has a durable outsole for slight outdoor use but that is not highly advisable as the inner is not well padded. Make sure the weather is good if you want to take these slippers outdoors as they are not designed for rough weather conditions.

These slippers are great as they have good cushioning under the feet and are flexible, providing the perfect balance between comfort and protection. The ease of wearing these slippers is unmatched as it is very easy to put on or off these slippers.

The best way to describe these slippers is that it is made for everyday use and the comfort you will find when you wear these slippers are hard to beat. The sole is made from a hard rubbery material, making it one of the best house slippers for hardwood floors.

They are perfect for casual use, and if you like the convenience of always putting on or off your slippers, then you will love the convenience offered by the Slippers International Camper. The inner lining is soft enough for a comfortable feel, and these slippers provide a snug fit for people with wide feet.


  • Comes with light inner padding for a comfortable feel
  • The sole is made from a hard rubbery material
  • Convenient for casual use as it is easy to slip on and off
  • Comes with plush cushioning
  • Provides a snug fit for people with wide feet


  • The price tag for these slippers is too high
  • The slippers cannot be used outside for prolonged periods of time

3. NORTY Genuine Leather Cowhide Suede Moccasin Slippers

best bedroom slippersThe NORTY Moccasin slippers are one of the best kid’s house slippers available in Amazon currently. It is priced affordably and comes with a wide array of features that will make your kids fall in love with these slippers. The construction of these slippers is solid and is made from durable materials that make it a long-lasting product. It consists of genuine leather and is specifically designed for little boys and girls.

The soft sole of the NORTY Moccasin coupled with a comfy pile lining makes these slippers very comfortable to wear for long periods of time. The outlook of these slippers is very stylish and it looks like the grownups use these slippers as they have a collar lacing and whipstitched toe.

The fur lining of the NORTY Moccasin is extra thick, thus giving your kid’s feet proper insulation and that warm and cozy feel that you are used to inside the comfort of your bedroom. The sole is made in such a way that these slippers are good for both indoor and outdoor use and are not susceptible to wear and tear, unlike other slippers with the same price tag.

The NORTY Moccasin slippers are made to be worn for a long time and you can rest assured that you are buying a quality product when you decide to check out these amazing slippers, thus making them one of the best kids’ house slippers of 2022.


  • High-density insole foam for added comfort
  • Cheap price
  • Durable and strong
  • Stylish design
  • Made from genuine leather


  • Sometimes sole can be worn out quickly
  • The lacing system is not robust

4. Sorel Men’s Lanner Ridge Slipper

The Sorel Falcon Ridge is one of the most comfortable slippers to wear for men and Amazon users have rated it one of the best house slippers of 2019. It is made for casual use and is one of the most loved slippers in the market currently. The design of these slippers is simple but it is built in a solid way.

It features a soft wool lining and a thin rubber outsole, a testament to the fact that these slippers are comfortable to wear and easy to put on and off. Although the thin rubber outsole provides less protection, it feels easier on your feet adding to the comfort factor of these slippers. It is designed for light outdoor use, so it is advisable to mostly use the Sorel Falcon Ridge indoors. The slippers are extremely lightweight and the build quality of these slippers adds to the comfort factor of your feet. It is an ideal candidate for men’s bedroom slippers.

The leather inner sole ensures that you can use the Sorel Falcon Ridge for a long period of time. The inner lining is insulated and it has a wool collar, so your feet can feel warm and cozy without requiring you to put the slippers off every time.  If you are visiting Amazon to find a simple, easy-to-use, and comfortable slipper, then the Sorel Falcon Ridge is the ideal choice for you.


  • Durable slippers made to last for a long time
  • The footbed is removable
  • The inner lining is insulated and it has soft wool for added comfort
  • Soft rubber outsole for protection
  • High-quality slipper with a leather upper


  • It is less durable than other slippers on the market
  • Costs more than other slippers with similar features

5. Sorel Women’s Nakiska Slide Slipper

kids house slipperThe Sorel Nakiska is one of the best slippers for women currently available on Amazon. The Sorel Nakiska slippers are made for casual use and it is an exceptional slippers due to their comfort and ease of use. The rim is thick and plush and the collar is designed as a standard one.

The design is very simple so it is very easy to slip on or off these slippers, making them an ideal candidate for women’s bedroom slippers. The soft rubber sole provides enough protection for you to go on a quick morning stroll and grab the morning newspaper.

The Sorel Nakiska is designed for ease of use, so it is perfect for you to wake up from bed and slide on these slippers to start your day off on a bright footnote. You can’t expect to do anything extreme with these slippers, but if your priority is comfort and ease of use, then the Sorel Nakiska is the perfect slipper for you. If the weather suddenly gets chilly, you can slide on these slippers, and instantly you will feel a warm and cozy atmosphere.[irp]

The Sorel Nakiska also comes with a thick wool collar and an inner lining for extra insulation, so you don’t have to worry about your cold wooden floors when you wear them.

The weight of these slippers is less than seven ounces, so you would not even feel the weight due to it being so minute, which adds to the comfort factor of these slippers.

The Sorel Nakiska has a lot of things to love about it: the durable leather construction, the insulated inner lining, the soft rubber outsole, and a host of other features that are added just to increase the comfort factor of these slippers. This is why the users of these slippers are very impressed due to their ease of use, making the Sorel Nakiska one of the most comfortable slippers of 2019.


  • Strong upper leather
  • Insulated inner lining
  • Thick wool collar
  • Soft rubber outsole
  • Wide openings for people with wide feet


  • Available sizes are not large enough for everyone
  • The sole is not durable

6. HomeIdeas Men’s Woolen Fabric Memory Foam Anti-Slip House Slippers, Autumn Winter Breathable Indoor Shoes

HomeIdeas Men’s Woolen Fabric Memory Foam Anti-Slip House Slippers is one of the best men’s bedroom slippers due to its simple design and strong build quality. The slipper has a fit that resembles the fit of a shoe and you can also get a snug fit. The high collar allows these slippers to be flexible yet very easy to put on and off.

The construction of these slippers is such that you cannot take them for outdoor activity but if you want to relax indoors, then the Sorel Manawan is the perfect product for you. The soft rubber outsole allows for limited outdoor ability, so forget about going for a morning run with these slippers.

The wool insulation and the feather-like EVA foam insole are of a high caliber and you cannot find a better slipper under this price bracket. The best way to use the Sorel Manawan is to use them indoors, in your bedroom or a stroll through the kitchen will be a breeze with these slippers on. The inner layer of wool is very plush and adds to the comfort of your feet.

The slippers are also very lightweight, coming in at just eleven ounces, you would feel as if you are sliding through the clouds when you wear these slippers. The snug fit of these slippers does not feel awkward, and it perfectly hugs your feet to give you proper insulation and warmth underneath your feet.

These slippers have a higher collar compared to the other ones, and if you are looking for a plush slipper with extreme comfort, then the Sorel Manawan is a good choice for you. These are very high-quality slippers, and the price you are paying for this product is very justified once you try them out inside the comfort of your home.


  • The slippers are very durable with a leather upper
  • The EVA insole is cushioned
  • Soft rubber outsole
  • The inner lining is made from wool and feels plush
  • These slippers are very long-lasting


  • The sole is lightly stitched to the slipper
  • Not good for outdoor use

7. BOBS from Skechers Women’s Keepsakes Ice Angel Slipper

best house slippers for hardwood floorsThe Skechers Bobs Keepsakes is a heavily padded slipper that is extremely to slip on and off. These slippers have a thick sole which means that your foot would enjoy heavy-duty protection and the outsole provides proper traction to your foot.

The slippers are designed to absorb shock, and because they are heavily padded, these slippers are a tad more on the heavy side. As it is not lightweight slipper, you can wear them on a morning run and they can give you adequate protection from the elements when you decide to take slippers for some outdoor activity. Although it is a bit heavy, it does not necessarily mean that these slippers cannot be used for indoor purposes.

The Skechers Bobs Keepsakes is a very durable slipper and it can withstand rough surfaces, so you can enjoy the outdoors for long periods of time. The Skechers Bobs Keepsakes is also one of the best house slippers for hardwood floors due to its shock-absorbing midsole. The extremely Faux padded inner liner does not provide you with water protection, but it helps to add to your comfort factor thanks to its memory foam insole.

The Skechers Bobs Keepsakes provides good performance and is perfect for indoor as well as outdoor use. The thick rubber sole adds to the protection of your foot and adds an inch of height from the ground, and these slippers are also well-designed to give you a more luxurious feel. The slippers are very user-friendly and these are best for providing maximum comfort and utmost protection from the elements.

These slippers also come with plush inner lining and fur collar, making them one of the best house slippers of 2019. No wonder Amazon users routinely rate the Skechers Bobs Keepsakes as one of the most comfortable slippers to wear, owing to its multi-functional diversity and ease of use.


  • Thick rubber sole that is also very durable
  • Although it is built to provide maximum protection to your feet, these sleepers are very affordable
  • Memory foam footbed
  • The slippers have a plush inner lining for added comfort
  • Can be used for outdoor activity due to its shock-absorbing midsole


  • Because of a thick sole, these slippers are not lightweight
  • Extreme padding fails to provide maximum comfort

8. CLPP’LI Faux Fur Mules Fluffy Suede Comfy Slippers

women's bedroom slippersThe CLLPP’LI Faux Fur Mules is one of the best women’s bedroom slippers that are currently available to buy on Amazon. These slippers enjoy very good reviews from their users as they are user-friendly and easy to wear. Ladies love to wear the CLIPP’LI Faux Fur Mules due to their fluffy design which makes it a great option to wear for the cold winter months.

The slip-on design of these slippers makes it an incredibly smooth proposition for you to simply put on or off in the quickest fashion, and the design is very ergonomic, providing ultimate comfort to your feet.[irp]

The faux fur lining on the inside adds to the warmth and cozy feel for your feet, and the thick sole with pronounced tread provides enough traction and protection for your feet. These slippers are also very easily washable, making them the perfect bedroom slipper. The highly recommended CLIPP’LI Faux Few Mules is truly one of the best slippers for women currently available on the market.

These slippers are perfect for indoor use, but you can also use them for light outdoor activity as well. The thick rubber sole is durable and adequate for underfoot protection, boasting an outsole that provides great traction to your feet so you can get a good grip on the ground while you go for a morning run. The comfort factor is taken to the next level when you decide to put on these slippers as it is simply so much more convenient to wear them around the house.

These warm, comfy slippers will blow you away simply because it is so affordable that you would find it hard to believe the features you enjoy for the little amount of money you pay with. The highlight of these slippers is that it provides incredible warmth to your feet, while at the same time providing you with the utmost comfort and ease of use.

Users have also recommended the CLIPP’LI Faux Fur Mules for their durability and its longevity, a testament to the fact these slippers are made from high-quality materials. For the bargain price of lunch and a cup of coffee, you can enjoy these slippers and experience the highest levels of comfort.


  • The Faux Fur lining is very thick and adds to the comfort factor of your foot
  • Very easy to wear on or off
  • The sole is very durable
  • The sole provides incredible warmth to your feet due to its excellent insulation properties
  • These slippers are machine washable


  • Not enough sizes available and the ones on offer are very small
  • These slippers are not lightweight compared to slippers of the same class

9. Orthofeet Asheville Most Comfortable Arch Support Diabetic Men’s Leather Slippers

men’s bedroom slippersWhen the list of the most comfortable slippers of 2019 is being scripted, it is very hard to leave the Orthofeet Asheville from that list as these are simply one of the best house slippers to wear. If you want a custom fit or extra cushioning, then the Orthofeet Asheville is the perfect choice for you.

The Orthofeet Asheville comes with a contoured EVA cushioned insole which can add more support and flexibility to your feet, and you can also take them off if you want to. The design of these slippers is very ergonomic and it assists in every motion you take. It also has a hook-loop closure, thus allowing a custom fit for your foot. The slippers also come with a shock-absorbing sole that allows you to walk through rough terrain and the highly customizable offerings help you to adjust the fit according to your needs.

These slippers offer a diverse array of features that can help you to combat whatever challenges you want to face. They are very versatile and excel in many different conditions. The materials used for the construction of these slippers are very durable and you can use them for both indoor and outdoor purposes, so you can use them as men’s bedroom slippers, or buy this for your kids to be used as a kid’s house slipper.

There are many reasons why these slippers top the list of any bedroom slippers as it offers a lot of customizable options and this is why it is one of the best slippers for men. The Orthofeet Asheville is very easy to slip on, and these slippers perform well both indoors and outdoors.

The inner surface incorporates an all-around foam padding for added comfort. These slippers also have the ability to help people with foot discomfort due to their wider width and soft fabric inner collar.

These slippers are rated as one of the most comfortable slippers of 2019 due to their amazing design, highly cushioned padding, soft inner collar, and thick rubber sole. If you want a slipper to ease your foot pain and yet want to enjoy a user-friendly product, then the Orthofeet Asheville is the perfect slipper for you.


  • Soft fabric inner collar
  • Greatly customizable footbed with wide width
  • Hook and Loop closure for added flexibility
  • Thick padding
  • The sole is shock absorbing which helps to add protection to your feet


  • There are no small sizes available
  • High price tag

10. UGG Men’s Ascot Slipper

best indoor slippersThe UGG Ascot is one of the seldom talked about brands in the slipper industry but it is one of the most underrated ones as well. The UGG brand is synonymous with ultimate comfort and that cozy feel that your feet always desire. The UGG Ascot is a perfect candidate for facing chilly mornings and winter nights. The interior of these slippers is very plush, which is why it is one of the best house slippers of 2019.

The UGG Ascot is also very durable and users have reported this slipper to be a very long-lasting product. You can enjoy a snug fit with these slippers, and they perfectly hug your feet to provide amazing warmth and coziness to your foot. The gentle fit of UGG Ascot will make you feel at home. The lining and insole are made from a specialized brand of wool that they named Uggpure.[irp]

These slippers are also very user-friendly and easy to use, thus users love the UGG Ascot for the comfort it provides to their feet. These slippers are also water-resistant, and the slipper can be used for both indoor and outdoor activity, so you don’t have to worry about damaging your slippers when you go for a light morning run. The rubber outsole protects the slippers from rough surfaces, keeping the bottom part of your foot safe and adding a layer of durability to the UGG Ascot. The only downside to the UGG Ascot is that these are very expensive slippers.

The company says that the high price tag is due to its added versatility and the fact that these slippers can be worn both indoors and outdoors, but the truth is that you can find similar slippers with similar features for a lower price tag. If you are in the market for a plush interior and real sheep wool inner lining, then you will love the UGG Ascot as it is truly one of the most comfortable slippers of 2019.


  • The upper layer is water-resistant
  • The thick rubber sole is very durable
  • The inner lining is very plush and made from real sheep wool
  • These slippers come with a snug fit
  • UGG Ascot conforms to the foot shape


  • These slippers are not machine washable
  • The slippers have a narrow width

Criteria to evaluate the most comfortable slippers 2019:

Inner Lining: It is important for the inner lining of the best house slippers to be plush so that it is more comfortable to wear.

Insulation: Often people need to wear slippers on chilly mornings or cold wintery nights, for which a slipper needs to provide adequate warmth to their feet.

Durability: Slippers need to be durable so that they can be worn for long periods of time

Ease of use: The best slippers need to be easily worn off or on as most people use them for indoor activity, and a good slipper should be user-friendly.

Types of soles: Soles should be made of rubber and thick and they should also have the ability to absorb shocks, thus providing greater protection to your foot.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

What is the best material for the inner layer of slippers?

-Inner made from wool adds to the plush factor of the slippers.

What kind of slippers is good for an outdoor activity?

-Slippers that have thick rubber soles and shock-resistant capabilities are good for outdoor activities such as morning walks.

Is it important to have slippers with good insulation?

-Yes, it is very important to buy slippers with good insulation as they can increase the warmth and comfort of your foot.

Are lightweight slippers good for an outdoor activity?

-No, most lightweight slippers are only good for indoor activities as they lack the necessary features to withstand the challenging circumstances of the outdoors.

Where can I buy the best slippers?

Amazon is one of the premier destinations for people to find the best house slippers. Amazon is a very user-friendly platform and it offers a great variety of bedroom slippers. You can also check the user reviews to make an informed decision on which slipper you want to buy.


The best kinds of slippers provide users with ultimate comfort and flexibility. A good slipper needs to be durable and strong, and able to withstand the challenges of both indoor and outdoor activities. Even though a slipper might be expensive to buy, if it lasts for a long time, it gives the users a sense of satisfaction that far outweighs the costs that are attached to that product.

Versatile slippers should also provide the user with adequate protection so that their feet are not subject to pain and can enjoy the surroundings without having to constantly take their slippers on and off. These slippers should also be convenient to use and made from high-quality materials so that they are not susceptible to wear and tear. A great slipper will be able to make the user feel warm and cozy and enjoy the indoors and outdoors with a sense of satisfaction and happiness that other products seldom fail to give them.

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